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This tour is for families and groups who want to see northern beauty of Pakistan.During this tour you will visit Kaghan, Naran, Lulusar Lake, Batakund

Khunjerab Pass (elevation 4,693 metres or 15,397 feet) is a high mountain pass in the Karakoram Mountains in a strategic position on the northern bord

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This tour is specially designed for families and groups who want to visit the heavenly beauty of Skardu and Deosai. During this tour you will explore

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Naran Tours

Naran valley is one of the most beautiful valley in northern areas of Pakistan and it attracts most number of tourist from whole country. If you ask any tour operator where you takes most of your tours in summer and simple answer will be naran kaghan tours. Naran kaghan valley is situated in district Mansehra of KPK. Kaghan valley start from Balakot and it goes up to Babusir Top. As you cross river Kunhar at balakot your traveling start on the banks of the river and you cross the whole valley on banks of the river Kunhar. After Balakot the first tourist points comes Kiwai from where one road goes toward Famous tourist attract Shogran and from there it further takes to Siri Pay Meadows. After Saif ul Malook Lake and Lalazar Shogran welcomes most of the tourists in Kaghan valley. From standing on the Paye Meadows you can see the beautiful view of Makra Peak and Musa ka Masla peak. Other most famous destinations for Naran Kaghan tours are Sharan Forest, Kaghan, Naran Bazaar, Lake Saiful Malook, Lulusar Lake, Dudipatsar Lake, Ansoo Lake, Babusar Top, Makra Peak, Shogran, Siri Paye, Sharan Valley, Payala Lake, Lalazar. The most recent addition to the naran kaghan tours is adventure of rafting in the river Kunhar which attracts lot of youngsters from across the country. In recent years hundreds of hotels in Naran has been emerged and many are still under construction. Without any doubt you can say naran is hub of tourism industry in Pakistan. Tour packages in Naran usually names as, Naran tours, Naran kaghan tours, Naran hunza tours, Naran Skardu Tours, Naran Neelam Valley tours.

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List of Places to visit in Naran

  • Kawai
  • Shogran
  • Siri Paye
  • Manna Meadows
  • Sharan Valley
  • Shinu
  • Jared
  • Khanian
  • Danna Meadows
  • Malkandi Forest
  • Lake Saif-ul-Muluk
  • Naran
  • Aansoo Lake
  • Batakundi
  • Lalazar
  • Manna Meadows
  • Pyala Lake 
  • Noori Top/ Noori Lake
  • Besal
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Dudipatsar Lake
  • Babusar Top

Below is the detail of above mentioned places. This detail will help you plan your tour to Naran Valley.


Kawai is located about 24 Km from Balakot and its first tourist point in Naran Kaghan Valley. A beautiful waterfall is flowing here and it has become a famous Pakora point. They have placed tables and chair in the flowing water and you can enjoy Pakoras by hanging legs in crystal clear flowing cool water. This stream of water falls in River Kunhar. From Kawai road goes up toward Shogran


Shogran is located about 7 Km from Kawai at height of 2,362 Mtr. From Kawai on your right side a road goes toward Shogran. Distance is only 7 Km but it takes about twenty minutes to reach shogran. Shogran is base camp for Siri Paye Meadows. Shogran attracts lots of tourist every year and many hotels are available there to look after tourists.

Siri Paye

Siri and Paye meadows are located at height of 3414 Mtr and at distance five kilometer from Shogran. Trek us muddy and only 4X4 jeeps can go. It takes almost an hour to reach the Siri Paye meadows. As you reach the plateau you will find the lush green plains and some animals must be grazing there. By standing on plateau you will feel that you are standing on top of mountain and all the surrounding peaks are also of same height.

By standing in Paye meadows you can enjoy the amazing view of

  • Malika Parbat
  • Musa ka Musalla Peak
  • Makra Peak

Sharan Valley

Sharan Valley is sub valley of kaghan valley. It is located at height of 7872 ft at distance of 16 Km from town of Paras. Sharn Valley is untouched pearl of Kaghan valley and it has most thick forest in kaghan valley. Forest department has developed from tourist Pod so that people can stay. People who love nature can spend quality time here. Trek to Musa ka musalla peak goes from here.


Shinu is a small village in Sharan valley. Still its not hot tourist destination in Kaghan valley but it has forest of thick pine trees and more and more tourist coming every season. Govt. has built a hatchery for trout fish and its source of attraction for tourists. Tourist can do fishing here as well


Jared is a small town located on road to paras village. This is famous for its handicrafts. Govt. is trying to promote the local handicrafts so that women who spent most of time indoor during winter can make additional source of income. Hand made woolen shawls are famous product of Jared. Carved furniture is also major product of the area. Govt. has also setup a training institute in Jared.


Khanian is a small village located on the right bank of the River Kunhar and just a couple of kilometers away from Mahanderi. This point is getting tourist attention now because of its thick forest of pine trees. Couple of beautiful hotels are already working here. Khanian is base camp for your trek to Kamal ban forest and Dana Meadows.

Danna Meadows

Dana Meadows are located at height of 10,000 ft at the north end of Mansehra District. If you want to reach Mana Meadows, you will have to start trek from Khanian village. You will have to pass through the Kamal ban forest to reach Dana meadows and It will take about 2 to 3 hours to reach Dana from Khanian. Kamal ban forest is thick forest of pine trees. It is also natural habitat of some wild animals.

Malkandi Forest

Malkandi Forest is located at height of 2637 Meter adjacent to Shgoran. If you stand on Paye meadows and look toward Makra peak you will find a dense pine forest and it is Malkandi forest. This forest has good population of black bears and leopards. If you will go higher side of forest you will find red bear and snow leopard as well. It is also natural habitat of Muskdeer, thar, goral, Chikore, Himalayan pheasants, ibex snow partridge and Ram Chikore

Lake Saif-ul-Muluk

Lake Saif ul Malook is the most famous and beautiful lake in Pakistan. It is the crown jewel of Naran Kaghan valley. It attracts the highest number of tourist every year than any other tourist point in Kaghan valley. It is located at height of 3212 meter and at distance of 9 kilometer from Naran town. This lake is also located above the tree line in the valley. Blue crystal clear water give you the true panoramic view of this natural beauty. Dew to beauty of this natural wonder beautiful tale of prince Saif ul malook is also associated with the lake. Trek to Ansoo lake and Nanga Parbat also start from here


Naran is located at distance of 82 kilometer from Balakot and at height of 2427 Mtr. This town has emerged as hub of tourism in the valley. Hundreds of hotels have emerged in Naran as a result of tourism boom in Pakistan. Naran is base camp for tour to Lake Saif ul malook, Babusar Top, Lalazar and many other destinations.

Ansoo Lake

Ansoo lake is located at hight of 4245 meter near Malika Parbat. This is considered as one of the highest lake in the Himaliyan region. It is named after its shape which look like tear drop and that is why in Urdu it is known as Ansoo lake. To reach ansoo lake you will have to trek from the lake Saif ul Malook. It will take almost eight to nine hours to reach the lake, so it is advised to start trekking as early as possible in the morning.


Batakundi is located about 17 Kilometer from Naran and it’s a kind of rest area travelling toward Babusar Top. Since River rafting as started at Batakundi due to high waves of water in Kunhar River at this point so it has turned out to be tourist point as well. So anyone who wants to enjoy river rafting he/she should must have stopover in batakundi.


Lalazar is a famous tourist place in Kaghan valley and its attracts most number fo tourist every year after Lake Saif ul Malook. It is located at height of 3200 meter and at distance of 21 kilometer from Naran. To reach the Lalazar you will have to hire 4x4 jeep from Naran. Best season to visit Lalazar is later summer when whole area is cover by beautiful flowers

Manna Meadows

Manna meadows are located at height of 2450 meter and it is accessible from Paye meadows. On the way you will find the beauty of nature everywhere. Tall pine trees are standing along the trek and lush green grass covering the whole ground. Trek is still not well developed that is why it don’t attract too many tourist but whoever visit this beautiful areas going to treasure the experience for whole life. You can start trek from Paye and in almost 3.5 hours you can reach there and on the return you can take another trek that directly goes to Shogran and in almost three hours you will reach back to Shogran.

Pyala Lake

Pyala lake is a small lake located just one kilometer from away from Jalkhad. Its named after its shape because its round in shape like Pyala that is why it named as Pyala Lake.

Noori Top/ Noori Lake

Noori Top is located at height of 12700 meter and it is the second highest pass of Kaghan valley. This connect Kaghan valley with Azad Kashmir. This pass was developed by Pakistan Army for logistic purposes and with the pessage of time it has become a tourist attraction. Trek to noori Top start from Jalkhad and you will reach to Top in 1.5 Hours on 4x4 Jeep. On the way you will find snowcapped mountains. Once you will reach on the top on your one side you will see the mountains of Kargil and on your other side panoramic Kaghan valley will be present is amazing natural beauty. This trek remains open from jul to Sep only due to heavy snow fall and rains. On the top you will also see a small but beautiful lake which is known as Noori lake


Besal is small town located about 45 Kilometers from Naran at height of 3260 meters. Since it is located midway from Naran to Babusar Top so it has become a resting place for families travelling from Naran to Babusar Top or further to gilgit. It is also base camp for hikkers who want to trek Dudipatsar lake. There are few resturants here which are famous for their tea.

Lulusar Lake

Lulusar lake is the second largest lake in Naran Valley after Lake Saif ul Malook. It is located about 45 kilometer from Naran at height of 3410 Meter. It is the main headwater of Kunhar River. Since it is located right on Main highway to babusar Top so it has become a major tourist point. Its deep blue water makes to stop your vehicle for few moments to enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. You can visit beautiful lake from the month of June to October. In other months road remain closed due to heavy snow fall

Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake is one of the most beautiful lake of Kaghan valley.  It is located at height of 3900 Meters and at a distance of 18 kilometers trek from village Besal which it self away 40 Kilometers from Naran. Dudi means white, pat means mountain and sar mean lake. When you reach on lake you will find the true reflection of its name. lake is surrounded my snow clad mountains. Most of the trek from besal to Dudipatsar lake remains on the banks of river Poorbi naar which is a tributary of river kunhar. You can reach in one go to Lake from besal village but it is recommended to spend night at Mulla ki Basti and then second day spend at Dudipatsar lake.

Babusar Top

Naran kaghan valley start at Balakot and ends at Babusar Top. Babusar Top is located at distance of 160 kimlometers at height of 4173 meters. Because of its height it remains closed from Oct to June. Babusar top is also pass between Kaghan Valley and Gilgit. Due to its very cool weather in summer it has become a famous tourist point in Naran Kaghan Valley.

Lakes in Naran Kaghan Valley

It`s natural to have lakes in high mountain and snow caped peaks, same is the case in Naran valley. There are many small and large lakes in the area. Below is the list of lakes in Naran Valley.

  • Lake Saif-ul-Malook
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Ansoo Lake
  • Dudipatsar Lake
  • Ansoo Lake
  • Pyala Lake
  • The Black and Blue Saral Lake
  • Satsar Mala Lake
  • Gittidas Lake
  • Paye Lake

Mountain Peaks in Naran Kaghan Valley

Whole valley is mountainously terrain and you will see hills everywhere but some major mountain peaks of Naran valley are as under

  • Malika Parbat
  • Makra Peak
  • Musa ka Masla
  • Tiger Hill

FAQs About Tours to Naran

The names of lakes in Naran Valley are:

  • Saif ul Maluk Lake
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Dudipatsar Lake
  • Saral Lake
  • Ansoo Lake
  • Pyala Lake

The highest mountains peaks in Azad Naran Kaghan are:

  • Malika Parbat
  • Tiger Hill
  • Musa ka Masla
  • Makra Peak
  • Babusar Top

The names of places to visit in Naran Kaghan are:

  • Shogran
  • Saif ul Maluk
  • Lalazar
  • Babusar Top
  • Sharan Forest
  • Lulusar lake

The names of meadows in Naran Kaghan are:

  • Paye meadows
  • Lalazar meadows

The names of towns in Naran kaghan are:

  • Naran
  • Kaghan
  • Shogran
  • Kewai
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