Privacy Policy

The customer is king

Our customers are very important to us. takes good care of your privacy and priorities. We treat you as our precious possession and handles your matters with great care. We are committed to protecting your personal data.

This document is just to give you a brief of our privacy policy and make you aware of the facts about how we treat your data. This is just to make you satisfied that your data and personal details are safe at Still, if you have any questions you can contact us anytime. We will be available for you 24x7.

  • If you want to know how we make use of cookies then refer to this page:Cookie Statements.
  • If you want any of the information regarding the booking, services, reservation or any pieces of advice then check our Terms and conditions.

Online Platform

All services of can be availed online. You can use our website and avail of online travel services. The best thing is that no matter how much platforms we cover, our policy statement remains the same. This is the surety of our seriousness towards your privacy. How cool is that one!

Business Privacy Statement

The privacy policy applies to all users and partners. We have a fixed privacy policy. If you are one of our business partners then we suggest you read privacy policy fully.

Same privacy statement for all platforms and users!

We suggest you have a visit on our page daily as our privacy policies are intended to change many times. And, if our changing activities impact you then we will notify you for your ease.

Warning is very punctual and subtle in its privacy policy. It is obligatory for you to follow all the rules. If you are not willing to follow then sadly we request you to discontinue using services.

Your Questions

If you have any thoughts or questions regarding our policies then possibly we will try to answer them all here:

  1. What sort of data do we collect?

    Don’t worry about the data we collect. It is the basic information that is needed to process your booking. It includes:

    • Name.
    • Address.
    • Your ID number.
    • Email Address.
    • Contact details.
    • Payment details.
    • No. of travelers.
    • Gadgets used to access our services like a phone or tablet.

    1.1 Opening your account:

    You can also open your account with us where you can save the data, upload picture and make all reservations. This is very much important if you want to take part in our surveys to win annual prizes. Also, you can provide us with feedback if you liked our services or have any complaints.

    1.2 What we do with the information we collect about others:

    It is a usual practice that you reserve on others’ behalf. Obviously not each individual can book for himself but one person is booking for all so, a question may arise in your mind that what we do with the information we collect about others. So generally we arrange a form and forward it to intended persons just for the reference. This is to make sure that they know about this move. They have understood it and are agreeing with terms of privacy and information.

    Don’t worry yours and your loved ones’ information is safe with us.

    1.3 Automatic data collection:

    Here, one thing is to be kept in mind that no matter you reserve with or not our apps still collect some data of yours automatically. 

    This includes:

    • IP address.
    • Date and time of accessing our services.
    • Geo location
    • The hardware.
    • Software.
    • Internet browser.
    • Information about the operating system, just as application versions and language settings.
    • Information about clicks and pages shown.
    • Device settings, characteristics, app crashes and related activities if you are using services from a cell phone.
    • Registration of app from which you reserved at

    1.4 Collection of data from third parties:

    It is our responsibility that we collect all the data provided by you or not. It is to ensure your security and privacy. So we can refer to other sources too for collecting your information. This can include:

    • Business partners.
    • Affiliated partners.
    • Subsidiaries.
    • Corporate families.
    • Affiliates of
    • Independent third parties.

    Sometimes, we combine your information gathered from other parties For instance if you make a reservation from another platform rather than app or website like at our partners’ platform they then submit your information to us. can also consider third parties as a source of information. For instance third party payment between bookers and Booking Agents.

    You can connect with the Booking Agent as our services can also be integrated into social platforms. We will collect data about how you are called for. We can also check for cookies data. 

    These Booking Agents then share your data with so that no dispute or misconception occurs.

  2. Why we tend to collect or use your personal data?

    Many people are of the view that why collect data. The answer is that we use it for the following mentioned purposes:

    2.1 Bookings:

    The very basic purpose of your information is the booking. It is pretty obvious that if you want to make a booking then your name, contact, email,and other things are required to give you a reminder and make sure that the user is authentic.

    2.2 To provide you with due to services:

    Our motto is to serve our customers 24x7 at all places and in any possible circumstances. If we know about the user details such as reservation information then we can respond appropriately and answer all your queries.

    2.3 To create a user account:

    While reserving a seat with you have to create a user account. This information is necessary for registering the account at our platform. For taking advantage of special offers and prizes, making reservations, managing and changing schedules an account is necessary. It is also necessary for giving reviews.

    By user account linking to others is also very feasible.

    2.4 Online Forums:

    Users who have an account at can participate in our forums.

    2.5 Newsletters and marketing:

    • By your basic details, you will be subscribed to our newsletter and we will ping you for every new offer. Don’t worry if you get annoyed by notifications because you can unsubscribe from the newsletter too. 
    • According to your information customized and personalized information can be shown to you at
    • This information is also very necessary if you wish to take part in the promotional offers of the company.

    2.6 Sound communication:

    Sometimes, the company wants to communicate with you by using an email address, your phone number or post. This is because:

    • We can give you a reminder about reservation if it is due. This means it is necessary for helping you in the reservation process.
    • It will be helpful in providing feedback.
    • If you need any kind of help from our customer care then your number will play a vital role.
    • Some security alerts can also be sent to you.

    2.7 Improvement of services:

    We may use a date for optimizing services. By your information, we can improve our services and make our site better for you.

    2.8 The authenticity of calls:

    For a better experience at, our team often records your calls and use a voice detection software to relate the reservations. This is for quality control. It is also very important as we can track that our customers are treated well from our staff.

    2.9 Legal purpose:

    The information collected is for a legal purpose. Providing additional data is voluntary but this is required for processing your reservation.

    It is also very essential to handle fraudulent cases. If you have any objection you can contact our customer care center at

  3. What is the way we share your data with third parties?

    Sometimes we have to share your data with third parties. The circumstances are as under:

    3.1 To complete reservation with Booking Agent:

    If you have made booking with a Booking Agent then we use to transfer your details to that Booking Agent. This is just your name, contact and other minor details. If you come up with any queries then we request the Booking Agents to handle them accordingly. Sometimes for payment purpose, we have to forward your credit card details to Booking Agents. A copy of your reservation copy is also intended to forward to the Booking Agent to handle disputes.

    3.2 Service providers:

    Your details can also be shared to subsidiaries of corporates which are your services providers.

    3.3 Third Party Services:

    Data can also be transferred to third parties besidesthe corporate family to support:

    • Market Research.
    • Fraud Screening.
    • Processing payments: Our payment dealings are done by third parties to claim a chargeback. Your reservation form can also be shared sometimes.

    3.4 Higher Authorities:

    For legal complications and fraudulent handling legal authorities can require your data.

    3.1 Business Partners:

    For advertisement purposes, we have many business partners. They advertise our services worldwide. If you book at their site or app then they forward your data to us like details and payment methods. then share your details for a better service.

  4. How communicates?

    For bookings and other services communications takes good care of proper communication between you and Booking Agents. This is really helpful to inquire about any queries between you and your Booking Agents. The channels for this communication are:

    • My booking page.
    • Other sites.
    • Social Media.

    Ask any question regarding your reservation or accommodation!

    We can access your communication automatically by detection software or manually. This is just for:

    • Avoiding security threats.
    • Prevent from breaches.
    • Avoid fraudulent scenarios.
    • Handling misconducts.
    • Development and improvement.
    • Technical support.

    If we believe that certain communication is a threat to our company or partners then we hold the rights to block conversation or even cancel your reservation. We take serious actions against spam convo. 

    It is also not true all the times that we track your conversation sometimes we don’t if the communication occurred through other means rather than our platforms.

  5. How we use mobile devices?

    To make your booking and to reserve the order placed we make use of website available to provide you services. Our website is present to facilitate you in browser usage or mobile phone. You can easily make your booking by this channel. We also send you to push notification about booking only if you agree. One thing to make clear is that when you upload your picture on the account, your location is may also tagged along. However, you can change it from your phone anytime if you want.

    5.1 Personalized advertisements:

    The personalized advertisements you see an app or website is just according to your preference and activities. Logging out is not a surety that you won’t see the personalized adds anymore.

  6. How we use social media?

    Social media is the strongest weapon in branding. We use social media accounts to advertise our products and to facilitate you in a better way as you are much easy using social media. Don’t like social media? It's ok you can skip if you don’t want to opt our social media services. Our features include:

    6.1 Facilitate the usage:

    With our social media services, you will be facilitated greatly as you can sign in to the user account by linking usual Facebook or other social media accounts. This can free you from the worries of creating accounts again and again and also to remember passwords. However, decoupling can be done anytime you want.

    6.2 Social media plugins embedded:

    We have embedded some social media plugins in our site and app for ease. For instance, there is a Facebook like button. If you hit it, certain information is shared at the social platform.

    If you are log in to account then some information will be shared and you will get similar recommendations and customized adds next time.

    6.3 Social media promotion:

    We also take help from social media messages to interact with We can also have some pages on social media to promote products.

    Contacting us through social media can share some of your data with the permission of social media providers.

    6.4 Interacting without user account:

    You can interact with us as a guest user,If you do so without making a user account on the information shared will be very basic like email address, status,and contact.This information we keep is just for your ease.

  7. What are the security procedures to protect your personal data?

    We take due steps to protect your data. Your data is our responsibility. We use business systems to protect your data. We also have technical security procedures on our backend of sites to safeguard your personal data. Only our authorized staff can access it.

    We keep your data as long as we feel it necessary to our services. Other possibilities include:

    • The demandfor laws.
    • Resolve disputes.
    • Detect frauds.

    Still, if you have any question regarding privacy you can always contact us anytime. 

  8. How we use children`s data? services are not for children under 18. For opting our services before 18 parents’ consent is mandatory.

     Only in the processing of reservation can demand children’s data but only under parents’ consent. If any child make booking without parents’ consent we hold full rights to cancel it.

  9. How to control your personal data?

    You can control your personal data saved at our databases by following means:

    • You can demand a copy of the data saved.
    • You can make us aware of any mistake and request us to amend it. We will do that on your behalf.
    • You can even demand to delete or block the whole process if you find it at fault.

    9.1 Withdrawal of consent:

    Even if we are using your data with your consent, you can demand to cancel that consent and block the whole process. You can also object anytime according to the applicable laws.

    It is your responsibility to check that data is accurate. If you use our account then many of the amendments and updations can be done by your side too and if not you can call us. 

    You can also contact local data protection authorities or

  10. Who takes the responsibility of data shared on our websites or other platforms?

    All of your data is saved at operatesunder the laws of Pakistan and has its offices at 268 Imperial Garden Paragon city Lahore.

    • Your data is saved with us. If you have any query regarding privacy policy or your personal data contact us at
    • For any reservation, query contact our customer support center at
    • Law enforcement requests are handled here