3 Days Kumrat Valley
3 Days Kumrat Valley
PKR12,500 / Per Person
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This tour is designed for families and groups who want a comprehensive tour to Kumrat Valley. Kumrat is covered with green pastures, snow clad mountai

7 Days Trip to Kumrat Valley.
7 Days Trip to Kumrat Valley.
PKR18,000 / Per Person
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This tour is designed for families and groups who want to see the heavenly beauty of Kumrat, such a wonderful place. During this tour you will visit U

Kumrat Valley Tours

Kumrat Valley is one of the most fascinating places situated in Upper Dir. It is a wonderful valley for visiting tourists in Pakistan. It is situated in the Upper Dir region of KPK and at its rear, the Swat region is located. It has some eye-catching spots for the tourists that make their Kumrat Tour unforgettable and exciting ones.

Every year, in the summer season a large number of tourists from various places within the city and from outside Pakistan visit this beautiful valley. This place has everything for them that they are looking forward to in an exciting and thrilling tour.

Kumrat Valley Tours brings beautiful weather and high-rise mountains for the tourists that make their time here delightful and charming. With that, it has many other attractions for tourists as well. All these fascinations make their Tours to Kumrat Valley a memorable one.      

Contrasting to Kalam valley, Kumrat is filled with rich green fields, snow-capped mountains, gushing rivers, hypnotizing hazy hills, and heartfelt forests. All these are truly appealing attractions of the valley. Once the individuals reached here, they fall in love with its natural beauty.

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Top places to visit in Kumrat valley

  • Panjkora River
  • Wooden Canals
  • Thal
  • Jahaz Banda Waterfall
  • Kala Chasma
  • Katora Lake
  • Jandrai Trek
  • Kalkot
  • Badagoi Pass
  • Chahrot Banda
  • Shahzor Lake
  • Bara Dand Lake

Below the the brief introduction of above mentioned places

Panjkora River

Panjkora river flow through the whole Kumrat Valley and its roaring voice you can hear every where in the valley. It start from the Hindu kash Mountains and pass through the upper dir and lower dir and confluence with swat river. Trout fishing is the most popular game is the river Panjkora

Wooden Canals

In Thal locals has diverted the water of river Panjkora through wooden canals for grinding wheat and power generation. It gives a beautiful view when water pass through the wooden panels. It has become attraction for tourists


Thal village is the first stop before entering to Kumrat valley. Mostly tourist stays here first night after travelling from Islamabad and next day take jeeps to reach Kumrat. This is a beautiful village which is turning into town after influx of tourists. New hotels are being developed in the town.

Jahaz Banda Waterfall

Jahaz Banda waterfall is the most famous tourist point in Kumrat valley. Everyone who comes to Kumrat valley he/she must visit here. Just one needs to be very careful when climbing up to waterfall. Over the period of time the area where water falls has become slippery so everyone needs to be very careful.

Kala Chasma

Kala Chashma is a small tourist point located about 5 kilometer from Kumrat. You can cover this distance on jeep or you can trek it as well along with the river. This is name after a small chasham there and also a mountain that has black color.

Katora Lake

Katora lake is located at height of 3500 Meters in the upper side of Jahaz Banda in Kumrat Valley. This lake is surrounded by snow clad mountains and look like a bowl that is why it is named as katora(Bowl) lake. Beauty of katora lake will mesmerize you. The trek from Jahaz Banda to Katora lake is just 4.6 Kilometer and its depends on your fitness how quickly you reach the heavely lake.

Jandrai Trek

Jandrai Trek is a beautiful trek of around 7 kilometer that takes you from Jandrai to Jahaz Banda. You can cover this trek through 4x4 Jeep or you can walk. If you are fit enough then it is recommended to cover this distance on foot and beauty of lush green meadows and tall mountains will amaze you.


Kalkot is Town in Uper dir district and also tehsil headquarter of the area. The whole area has mountainous terrain, and all the surrounding mountains are covered with green trees.

Badagoi Pass

Badagoi Pass connects Uper dir with Utror and kalam. This pass is located at height of 3523 meter. This road is also known as Utror Dir road. You can cross this pass from June to October. The road bumpy, muddy and rocky so you can cross on 4x4 jeep only.

Chahrot Banda

Chahrot Banda is another beautiful town in Kumrat valley and located at height of 8300 ft. the whole area is lush green and surrounded by tall mountains. You can also see snow covered mountains from Chahrot banda.

Shahzor Lake

Shahzor lake is another gem of kumrat valley that still need attention from the tourist. It is located about two hours trek from kala Chashma. The trek toward lake is covered with lush green grass and beautiful flowers. Lake is surrounded by snow clad mountains.

Bara Dand Lake

Baradand lake is another beautiful lake in the Kumrat valley. It is circled by beautiful mountains. Trek to bara dand lake is difficult but at reaching there you will forget difficulty of trek and will love the beauty of bara dand lake

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