Sakhi Sarwar- The Last Resting Place of Syed Ahmed Sultan

Sakhi Sarwar- The Last Resting Place of Syed Ahmed Sultan
Sakhi Sarwar- The Last Resting Place of Syed Ahmed Sultan

Sakhi Sarwar is a place that hardly needs any introduction. There is no doubt about its locality as every kid and the older person is well aware of its importance. This small town is related to the great Sufi saint Syed Ahmed Sultan or the great “Sakhi Sarwar”.


 In Dera Ghazi Khan, near Sulaiman mountains of a village (Mukaam), a shrine was built almost 35 kilometers from Dera Ghazi Khan. It is a great masterpiece of Mughal architecture built by Zaheer ud din Babar.

Sangh Mela:

Every year at the shrine of Sakhi Sarwar a huge festival is celebrated honoring the deeds of Syed Ahmed Sultan. This festival is given the name of Sangh Mela. Thousands of devotees from far off places come to pay homage to the great saint of Islam. This festival is usually held from March to April. Even the scorching heat of Dera Ghazi Khan does not lessen the passion of devotees and believers.

Before visiting the shrine of Syed Ahmed Sultan, all devotees take a calm stay at the tombs of the shrine of Hazrat Syed Sakhi Zain ul Abdieen (RA), parents of Syed Ahmed Sultan.

Shrines (The last place Nigaha):

The great saint selected Nigaha which is often referred to as the last place due to its harsh climatic conditions. The building of the shrine has a tomb on West, Guru Nanak’s shrine on North West, apartments and grave of Sakhi Sarwar’s mother on the east.

The tomb of his wife is also within the shrine and it is said that a jinn is also buried along with the shrine. This was the jinn that is related to many miracles from the life of Syed Ahmed Sultan.

A place of miracles:

This place is full of miracles. The two places Chom and Moza are said to be associated with the miracle myths. It is famous that Chom has an impression of hands that was imprinted when Sakhi Sarwar stopped a mountain from falling on the land. He held it with his hands and stopped it from falling. This proves his supernatural powers.

Some wonder trees are also rumored to be present there.

Some famous traditions:

You can see various Lok singers hovering and singing cultural songs.

Some rituals are also very common such as preparation of raut that is a huge loaf piece with 20 kilograms of wheat flour. It is devoured by all. It is done on Friday, every year. This is an exchange of loaf between two follower families or groups, prepared by Bharai.

The other traditional festival is the “Chaunkian da Mela”. It commemorates the visits of Sakhi Sarwar. It is a long fair, remaining for nine days.

In Nutshell:

This last resting place is a major visiting spot for all the devotees.

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