2 Days Tour to Gwadar
2 Days Tour to Gwadar
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This tour is specially designed for families and groups who want to see the wondrous beauty of Gwadar. During this tour you will visit Koh e Batil, Ku

Gwadar Tour 3 Days and 2 nights
Gwadar Tour 3 Days and 2 nights
PKR70,000 / Per Tour
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Where is Gwadar? Gwadar is a port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan. Mostly comprising of Baloch, Gwadar has a population of around 85,00

Gwadar Tours

Tourists are flocking to the Pakistani southern town of Gwadar in south western Baluchistan Province, many drawn by claims that it is being transformed by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) into a future Middle Eastern "Oman" or an African "Singapore of the Gulf." Cost-effective and convenient Gwadar Tour Packages provide you the best opportunity to explore the city attractions completely.

The CPEC has become the lynchpin of China's One Belt, One Road (BRI) initiative to project its economic and geopolitical influence across Asia and beyond by funding infrastructure projects in dozens of countries from the South Pacific through South Asia to North Africa.

The massive infrastructure spending spree in Pakistan, the largest by China outside its borders, is seen as likely to further boost Gwadar, which some Pakistani officials say is on the verge of becoming "the next Dubai."

The sleepy fishing village of Gwadar, which for centuries has been a small provincial outpost of little geopolitical consequence, is being transformed into a major international transit hub. Blizin has brought some great Gwadar Tour Plans for its clients that make their trips memorable for them.

What to do During Gwadar Tour Packages 2022: -

The city of Gwadar is a port and located along the southern coast of Pakistan. It is an Arabian seaside historical and commercial center. The area of Gwadar is 2,462 sq km and comprises the whole district.

There is a desert in the west of the district and a mountain range in the east. The coastal location has a hot desert climate with extremely hot summers and warm winters. Gwadar winter is mild and the summer is very hot, with temperatures rising as high as 40 °C.

Best Time for Gwadar Tour: -

The most popular time to visit Gwadar is from December to April. During this time, the climate is perfect for spending holidays there. The best time for fishing is from November to April as the best catch of Hilsa and other types of fish can be captured from these months.

The seaside location provides excellent weather conditions for sea-related activities. Swimming is possible between October to May. The temperature of the seawater is pleasant and quite warm. The water of the Arabian Sea seems to be clearer from February to April, which is better for swimming.

The rainy season is from August to September, but heavy rainfall can occur at times during other months also. The city does not receive snow and is hot throughout the year, but to beat the heat one can visit Gwadar in the winter months.

The best time for visiting the historical places in Gwadar is from December to April. The Arabian Sea provides picturesque views of the sunset throughout the year. The desert of Gwadar is vast and beautiful, which is worth seeing from April to June.

Gwadar attracts tourists in the months from November to April. The weather is very pleasant at this time, and tourists can enjoy a holiday in the sun during these months.

What to Explore during Gwadar Tour Package 2022?

Do you want to explore a small, but very beautiful city in Pakistan? Do you have the least bit of knowledge about this city and its attractions? Well, our Best Gwadar Tour Packages will provide you with an excellent opportunity to get essential information about one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan and explore it completely.

Gwadar has lots of places where you can go to relax in the lap of nature because this place has some breathtaking views of mountains, beaches, etc. It has some historical places to visit as well. Therefore, the tourists who are more interested in historical places should also visit this city once in a lifetime.

Top Tourists Attractions during Gwadar Tour: -

There are many remarkable places in Gwadar city. Therefore, tourists can enjoy every second of their tour visiting some beautiful and amazing places. Some of them are listed below.

  • The Gwadar Port
  • Astola Island
  • Hammerhead
  • Ormara Beach
  • The Sphinx
  • The Princess of Hope
  • Buzi Pass
  • Hingol National Park
  • Desert
  • Baba Chandrakup

Seaport- Gwadar Tour Packages 2022: -

The magnificent and historical city of Gwadar located in the coastal belt is attracting tourists from around the world. Visiting this city and exploring its attractions is an honor no one should miss.

It has become a popular destination for domestic and international tourists because of the presence of this port city near the border of Iran and Afghanistan. There are many reasons to visit this coastal town, but one of the most striking features that are attracting tourists from all over the world is its marvelous and mesmerizing port.

Gwadar has recently been developed as a tourist destination and the infrastructure is expanding to meet ever-increasing demands. The number of hotels and resorts is increasing day by day. Tourists from every corner of the world are visiting Gwadar and enjoying the hospitality of the locals. The biggest attraction of this city is the Gwadar Port, which is being managed by the government of China.

The Gwadar Port is a warm-water, deep seaport. It is located on the south-western coast of Pakistan in the Arabian Sea and serves as a key economic hub with links to many commercial areas such as China, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The port is located close to the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow waterway between Iran and Oman linking the oil-rich Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea.

The newly built port is a must-visit place for tourists. They can explore different things here regarding their leisure activities and with that, some business opportunities as well.

Astola Island- Gwadar Tour Packages: -

The most amazing thing about Astola Island is its 7 hills which attract tourists from all over the world. The surrounding waters of this island are also a tourism resource. According to a survey by WWF, there are more than 38 different species of fish and 5 different species of seashells in the surrounding waters. There is a kind of underwater plant on this island that has been named after it as Astola Marine Plant.

Astola Island is also known as Gezira Haft Talar Satadip which translates to "The Island of Seven Hills". It has been declared as the first Marine Protected Area in Pakistan and owing to that it deserves to be visited. It is situated near the coast of the Arabian Sea at Gwadar district. The island is approximately 7 km away from Uthal village in Pasni, which can be reached through a boat ride in around 30 minutes.

It consists of lower coral rocks and sand. There is a small community of local fishermen that live near the island on the coast. These people are semi-nomadic, living in huts on stilts beside their boats for much of the year.

Hammerhead – Gwadar Tour Packages: -

Pakistan has started experimenting with various means to stimulate tourism in the country. Gwadar is one of the areas where such projects are under development. Tourism will play a significant role in reviving this coastal town which has been neglected for years. The government has developed several ways to bring back local and international travelers into the area to enjoy the combination of beaches, unusual rock formations, and sunsets that grace Gwadar horizon.

Hammerhead is one of the most famous attractions of this area located in Gwadar, Pakistan. The village appears like a hammer on the map. It was named "Hammerhead" due to its geographical location and shape that resembles a Hammer.

From the southeast side, it has an opening that forms the sea route to other cities while from the northwest; a dune covers the access.

Travelers will not be able to see this village while traveling on a vehicle due to dunes that block the roads leading here. One can get down from their vehicles and walk towards Hammerhead. It takes about half an hour from the edge of the city.

Hammerhead is a favorite spot for tourists who like to enjoy the beauty of nature and sunset. One can witness both at this place since one side faces the Arabian Sea while the other reflects an amazing view towards the setting sun which adds glory to its beauty and makes it a must-visit attraction in Gwadar

Ormara Beach – Gwadar Tour Packages 2022: -

Ormara Beach is a beautiful beach located in Ormara, Gwadar. The color of the sand and the waters at this beach make it a must-visit spot for every tourist passing through Pakistan. The water here is clean, serene, and cool. The place has an amazing scenic beauty which makes it one of the top beach destinations in Pakistan.

Blizin will provide you the opportunity to visit this place during your Gwadar tour. We will arrange a comfortable conveyance for you to visit this place and take you back to the hotel after your stay at the beach. We also offer camping facilities to the customers who want to stay for a night at the beach as there are no hotel facilities available nearby.

An underrated place, Ormara Beach is not very crowded or noisy. The only thing found in abundance here is the fun of playing with the seawater and exploring new things under it.

Standing near this beach gives you a strange feeling of being on top of the world where everything looks small below you. You can see mountains all around and the ever-changing color of the sea.

The place is perfect for swimming as it has calm waters around. It is also a great spot for fishing as many fishermen are living near the beach who would help you catch fish if required. The beach sunsets here are stunning, making Ormara Beach one of the most beautiful beaches.

The only problem with this beach is the absence of any kind of building or hotel in the surrounding areas which would provide tourists with a place to stay. However, if you prefer camping and exploring places with no modern facilities, Ormara Beach is worth a trip.

The Sphinx(Lion of Balochistan) – Gwadar Tour Packages: -

At the start of Gwadar in Makran, there is a cliff in between two hills in which it looks like a sphinx in shape. The sphinx has a steep headdress and a sharp cut for the features. It is also very tall as it is made of rocks.

The rocks are so very neatly arranged that make it seem like a naturally made one. They are so tightly packed that no air can pass through them.

A team of archaeologists came to Gwadar and visited the place, they found out that it was naturally made sphinx. The height of this sphinx is 15 meters tall. There is not much knowledge about this wonder in the history books because the locals here never thought of it as a wonder.


This sphinx is also called "The Sleeping One" or "Makrani sphinx" as the land of Makran is just next to Gwadar. It is a must-visit place for the tourists during their tour to Gwadar.

The Princess of Hope – Gwadar Tour Packages: -

The princess of hope is another naturally made rock formation shaped like a princess who stands tall and hopeful looking beyond the skyline. It represents a dreamy and wondrous look about how rocks can be so amazingly sculpted by the nature.

This rock formation is located in the Makran mountain range within a distance of 40 km from Gwadar, Balochistan. It is approximately 500 ft long and about 60 to 100 feet high. One can get here in two ways: 1) From Gaddani 2) From Gawadar- Pasni route. Both routes are graveled but the route from Gawadar- Pasni is about 14 km long and has several curves whereas the Gaddani road is straight.

We include a trip to this naturally sculpted place for our tourists. This gives them an amazing opportunity to have a close look at the natural beauty and its magical occurrences.

Buzi Pass – Gwadar Tour Packages: -

Background Information: Origin of the name Buzi Pass

The word "Buzi" means in Balochi "large Stone Rock" and here it is a reference to the stony mountains which are spread all over Buzi Pass.

Why it is called the "Buzi" Pass?

After passing the Makran Coastal Highway there is an elevation of about 12,000 feet which covers that entire road up to Khajoor Tunnel near Ormara. This part of the highway frequently witnesses landslides because of the mountain which is left behind to meet the Makran Coastal Highway.

The road on this elevation is called Buzi Pass and it goes towards Khuzdar and then towards Ormara and Pasni, and after crossing Khajoor Tunnel, there is a plain land that spreads up to Jiwani city.

The tourist will enjoy some amazing eye-catching views of these stony mountains during their trip to Gwadar. This will give them a memorable experience of watching natural beauty at its best.

Hingol National Park – Gwadar Tour Packages: -

Hingol National Park is a national park is the largest national park in Pakistan. The area of the park is approximately 1650 sq. kilometers. The Ecoregion of Hingol National Park is the "Arabian Sea Coastal Desert".

Fauna of Hingol National Park includes Sindh ibex, wild sheep, saker falcon, laggard falcon, Arabian wolf, striped hyena (khajoor), Baluchistan bear, wildcat (kodok), Indian crested porcupine, and red fox.

The park is home to the endangered species of Hingol gazelle found nowhere else in the world. Blizin provides its tourists a whole day to spend here so that they can judge the beauty of natural creatures very closely.

Desert – Gwadar Tour Packages: -

The highway of Gwadar is a place that has many wonders and attractions to offer. Rocky wonder, starry nights, and glittering beaches, if you think this all wasn't enough to make the highway of Gwadar, more diverse and magical then let us introduce you to the dunes.

Spend a couple of minutes in the scorching heat, and you will be enthralled to see something that happens once in a decade. There are many deserts but its nature is not that marvelous like the desert of Gwadar.

This desert has a unique and outstanding feature that it alters its colors and shape now and then. You can see at first glance that you might not be able to recognize what is happening in there. This amazing place is a must-visit place for tourists. Blizin also offers a visit to this desert in its Gwadar Tour Packages.

Baba Chandrakup – Gwadar Tour Packages: -

Mud volcano located in Gwadar is also known as Baba Chandrakup (name of local deity). It is one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. Tourists like to visit this place during their Gwadar tour to see the colors of nature closely.

Mud volcano is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena on Earth. However, it can be truly horrifying if you are standing right next to it. Mud volcanoes are places where mud and gas explode out of the ground at high pressure.

They are also known as mud geysers, mud pots, or simply mud volcanoes. Mud Volcano is a geological phenomenon, which can be found all over the world at tectonic plate boundaries where there are active faults. They are believed to result from far below the surface of the Earth's crust. Blizin is offering its customers a visit to these mud-volcanoes during their trip to make it exciting and thrilling for them.

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