Terms and Conditions

Code of practice aims to provide the best services to its customers. We want that they experience versatile and exotic trips within a handsome budget. We want our people to visit the whole world in the most convenient ways. Hence, we follow several good practices which are as under:

  • With us, you can visit high-end areas to affordable ones in the form of hotels, motels, guest houses, rooms for rent or restaurants.
  • You can visit any exotic places with us.
  • Using our payment services, we facilitate to provide you with an opportunity of paying any fee or trip products.
  • Our customer care center will be at your services 24x7.
  • We always provide that which is convenient for you to use.
  • We always show you untouched and original reviews of customers.
  • Our website is very informative and user-friendly.
  • The prices are minimal according to your budget.

TCs Introduction

Firstly before starting, we will like to tell you that our terms and conditions are subjected to amendment based on situations so do visit page regularly for a better insight.

By using our services it is quite obvious that you agree to our privacy statements and hence you are proceeding with us.

The content of these pages and online reservation portal is owned by and is set to provide you non-commercial and personal usage. With the booking agents, we have a separate business relation and has separate terms and conditions. Every booking agent has to be extremely professional while providing their services on

Note: Booking Agents can have acceptance and policies as mentioned on the website. They can have their own deliveryterms and conditions and house rules for the consummation of the booking including disclaimers and limitations of liability.

Some Definitions is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Pakistan, and its registered address isOffice 268 Imperial Garden Paragon city Lahore, Pakistan.

Us, We, Our:

These terms are referred to as


The platform is the place where the services of are shared. They include mobile apps, websites or any other social media place having shared services.


Booking are services by that can be ordered, acquired, purchased, bought, paid, rented, provided, reserved, combined or consummated by you from the Booking Provider.

Booking Agent:

The providers of accommodation are called Booking Agent. The accommodation could be:

  • Hotel.
  • Motel.
  • Guest House.
  • Room for rent.
  • Hostel, accommodation.
  • Restaurant
  • Any other property available on this platform. 

They are also the transportation providers managing car rentals, airport rides, coach tours, travel insurances, and any other related service.

Booking Service:

The online booking, purchasing, renting or payment at are Booking services. They are made available by Booking Agents on platforms.

Scope provides online platforms to booking agents where they:

  • Sell products.
  • Advertise products.
  • Marketing of products.
  • Purchasing.
  • Reservation of trips.
  • Hiring Coaches.

By these services we allow our users to explore for better options in the market.

Communication Channel:

By opting services from all users automatically build a relation with Booking agents which is in form of a contract. We serve as an intermediate channel between the user and the Booking Agent. We just act as a communicator and take details from you to transfer to the Booking Agent. We also send you confirmation emails regarding reservation. We do not rent out or resell any offer.

Something about booking agents:

The information that we provide to customers is the information given to us by booking agents. We do not amend it.

When booking agents tend to provide you any booking or promote it, we give them access to our systems and all fluctuations, rates, prices, agendas,and policies are handled by the booking agents and they are responsible for every detail. That is why we cannot guarantee it 100% that the information and details provided by them are 100% authentic. 

We are not responsible for errors like:

  • Manifestation.
  • Typographical errors.
  • Interruptions.
  • Breakdowns.
  • Upgradation.
  • Maintenance.
  • Misleading information.
  • Nondeliverance of information.

Rates, policies, fee, availability, accuracy, completeness or any information is the responsibility of Booking agents. cannot be blamed for any:

  • Endorsement of quality.
  • Services.
  • Feedback.
  • Rating.
  • Venue.
  • Vehicles availability.


We offer personal and non-commercial services. Therefore you cannot re-sell, link, use, copy,display, download or reproduce any content, software, reservations, tickets, products or services available on our Platform.

Prices of our bookings

We offer competitive prices that are provided by booking agents. These prices include VAT, sales tax and other taxes or fee. These taxes can be amended anytime. The prices of tickets per person can change and are also subjected to expiration. Some taxes like city tax are charged by the booking agents.

Cheaper rates:

You can also opt cheaper rates for the trips, products,and services from booking agents but under special conditions like no cancellation and no refund. It is your responsibility to check for all those terms and conditions before booking.

Crossed out rates:

The crossed out rates depend upon the third highest existing price of Booking Agentalongwith reservation of 15 days before and after consummation date.

Pay the lowest price: wants its customers to pay minimal possible prices for all bookings and products. If under same terms and circumstances for a destination you find the rates in lower prices online, even after reservation, we will try our level best to compensate in that and will find out the difference between two. 

However, non accommodation products are not liable for lowering the prices.

Currency Converter:

We have a currency converter on our site so you can avail that. But remember it is not the statement of authenticity as prices are liable to change.

Special offers are marked as such!

No fee from customers

We don`t charge anything from consumers for our services. Unlike others, we do not have a reservation fee. The fee, taxes, and applicable amount is paid to Booking Agents only according to the booking.

When the guests have utilized the products and facilitated from the accommodation, the booking agents will pay a small commission to

Visibility Booster:

The ranking of booking agents can be boosted by paying extra commission or visibility booster. Visibility booster means an increase of marketing rank by paying some commission. This can vary timely.

The algorithm will then be trained to increase default ranking based on commission. supports only those booking agent who have a commercial relationship with them by an agreement. Our platform is not open to all. We do not support non-professional and unethical parties.

Credit Card Transfer

Some of the booking agents, during the reservationprocess, can demand Credit Card information for booking confirmation only. Booking agents can take advance payment or withheld partial or full payment of your booking and it will be settled during or atthe end of your stay.

In this scenario, helps in the payment process by seeking help from third parties. Desired payment from your bank account is transferred to the Booking Agentdirectly. Your payment will be safe. However, we are not a merchant of records. You cannot claim any payment paid in advance from you on our behalf to booking Agents, but incase of cancelation of booking, booking agents will be bound to settle your amount as per its cancellation policy.

On making a reservationof some non-refundable special offers, your credit card has to be charged. Booking Agents can demand for a credit card transfer or wire transfer.

Warning: holds no responsibility for unauthorized charges of booking agents. Also, you cannot re-claim your amount paid in advance from a credit card.

If there happen some theft or fraudulent cases of credit card then mostly banks and credit card companies bear for that loss by charging a minimal fee.

If your bank or card company charges you due to the invalid transaction at our platform then we will pay for that amount.

Reporting Fraud:

If you are a victim of any credit card fraud then do tell higher authorities about the fraud by contacting us on

  • State subject line with ‘credit card fraud’.
  • Provide us with evidence in the mail.
  • We will immediately respond for unauthorized use and negligence at our secure servers.

Cancellation of reservation or pre-payment

When you make a booking it directly means that you agree with policies like no show or any additional terms and conditions applied to your booking like services and products offered. The booking agent can provide these relevant terms and conditions.

Usually, on booking agent’s information page at our site, the cancellation and no-show policy are displayed along. This is because in some offers you cannot cancel the booking. Check for all such details prior.

Cancellation of the trip:

The bookings with a down payment or prepayment can be canceled without warning however remaining amount can’t be collected as a whole on the due date according to payment policy. Cancellation policies can change relative to products.

Below booking details, there are prints of policies and laws of reservation like age requirement, cancelation, payment details, additional requirements, free breakfast etc.

Non-refundable scenarios:

Due payments, wrong details of credit card and insufficient funds are done at your own risk and are non-refundable. It can be done if only your booking agent allows.

Review or cancel the booking:

There is a confirmation mail of your reservation at your systems. If you want to cancel or change it you can revert to mail and follow the instructions. One thing should be noted here that cancellation of offer can charge you with some money from Booking Agent or no money back of pre-payment.

It is advised to customers to read the cancellation, prepayment and no show policy before any reservations.

If you do not show up:

If you are late to check in or you arrive next day of assigned date then it is your responsibility to talk to the Booking Agent so that he can adjust your timings to refrain from cancellation or any extra charges. Our Customer Support department can help you withcommunicating with Booking Agents. is not responsible for your delayed arrival or cancellation of reservation by Booking Agents.


We will communicate with you as in:

Email prior to arrival:

We will send you an email for confirmation of your reservation at the time of booking. We can send you another email before your trip to make you aware of some information and offers related to your destination and all trip needs.

Email after stay:

To fill the guest review form we will mail you after your stay. 

You can see our cookies statement if you want to control this communication available at

Complaints about

We are not responsible for any communication done between you and the Booking Agent. also not ensures you fully that all your requests are entertained, answered and read on time by the Booking Agents. If you have any special request we recommend you to call Booking Agent in advance for confirmation to avoid any trouble.

Use your correct email address and contact number as is not responsible for any error in email or spellings or any digit of the phone number.

If you have any complaints regarding you are advised to mention us duly at cs@blizin.comon time as the complaints more than 30 days of completion of the trip are not entertained.

To avoid any miscommunication, it is recommended to take screenshots/print of your reservation details, as policies and offerskeep on changing.

Ranking and reviews

Default ranking:

Default ranking is created under an evolving algorithm that undergoes a number of criteria to evaluate performance and make it optimized. The ranking will be varied according to the supplier as it includes the popularity of accommodation among users, service history, guest reviews, bookings, cancellation rates, affordability, availability etc.

There can be other ways of ranking for instance according to review scores, accommodation type etc. 

Recommended ranking: also has a preferred partnership program in which there are some booking agents that are ranked on the top of the list of recommended ranking of that specific region. They are marked with ‘golden Mark’or are featured and due to this, they are charged extra commission.

Blizin.commake only those providers as recommended who are exquisite at providing services and are really deserving.

Star rating:

We do not determine star ranking only the accommodation or independent third party providers do.

We show deals on the basis of stars priority from high to low or low to high. 

According to regulations, the ratings in form of the star are provided by independent hotels or by accommodation providers. does not obligate or review star ratings formally. It is just a comparison of industries in prices, services,and availability. will invite only those customers to comment and rate about accommodation who stayed or received any processing.

All complete reviews and ratings will be uploaded to that booking Agent’s page to facilitate upcoming users for better knowledge about services. It is also used by for social media promotions, newsletters, special promotions, apps, or other channels controlled by and our business partners.

The authenticity of reviews:

To maintain the authenticity of reviews you can provide feedback within 30 days of service. Also, these reviews will remain there for only 36 months.

Although reviews are set by default according to their submission date mostly those are ranked at the top which is in detail. Booking Agents can respond to reviews allowed by We also hold full rights to delete the reviews if they are against our privacy policy. 

You are not rewarded for the reviews. strives hard to maintain dignity in the reviews.

Unaccepted reviews:

  • Hatred, discriminant, profound, sexually abusive or violent reviews.
  • Attacking on someone through reviews directly.
  • Email addresses, links or unwanted sites.
  • Sensitive or itching comments. can terminate the contract with Booking Agents due to breaching with relevant notice as decided in between.


According to terms and conditions and applicable laws, is only liable for direct damages by the company. They can include obligatory services, unpaid services, or aggregate cost as settled in the confirmation mail.

Our officers, directors, employees or partners in promoting contents are not liable for:

  • Loss of production, contract, revenue, claim or goodwill.
  • The inaccuracy of information by Booking Agents.
  • Rendered products by Booking Agents.
  • Inability to use our platforms or any loss, delay or cost suffered.
  • Indirect damages like death or injury.
  • Error breaches.
  • Gross negligence.
  • Misconduct.
  • Non-performance.
  • Cancellation.
  • Overbooking.
  • Strike.
  • Irrelevant conditions.
  • Act of Nature
  • Any act which is beyond control of 

 Use, validity, quality, suitability, fitness and due disclosure of the booking is not the responsibility of and we do not give a guarantee in this scenario. 

You should admit it that all these responsibilities are of booking agents including warranty and representations. We do not resell trips.

All complaints regarding products, services are reservation are the responsibility of booking agents. We do not take responsibility for such complaints.

The collection, withholding, remittance, and payment of the applicable taxes due on the total amount of the booking price or fee to the relevant tax is the responsibilityof Booking Agent either you have paid or not. is not responsible for Collection, withholding, remittance and payment of the applicable taxes due on the total amount of the (Booking) price or fee to the relevant tax.

Photo rights:

If you upload your photos at it will simply mean that you are responsible for them with copyrights and allow to use them in their promotional events or site/app. 

All legal claims, authorities, andresponsibilities are on the uploader who is publishing the photos. Its truthfulness and authenticity are due on uploader,

The uploader has to assure that the photos do not contain:

  • Virus.
  • Trojan Horses.
  • Pornography.
  • Corrupted files.
  • Illegal material.
  • Objectionable material.
  • Insulting pictures.

All such photos are liable to delete by

Intellectual rights,Booking Agents and other providers own software and the intellectual rights of all the content and information shared on site.

We hold the ownership of the whole infrastructure, titles,and interest of the platform. You cannot copy, link, publish or promote our content without our written permission. If you use our platform without any financial cost, in any circumstances, you have to provide license to use or reproduce the intellectual rights content uploaded by youto Any unlawful use will be a material infringement of our property and can have legal consequences.

Laws and jurisdiction

Our terms and conditions follow Pakistan Law. The consumer can practice the law of his residence. If there occurs any dispute due to our services you should address it immediately to Court in Lahore.