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People from all over the world are visiting Pakistan every year. It includes tourists, businessmen, and overseas Pakistani families. There are different purposes behind their visits to Pakistan but they have almost similar types of needs and requirements during their trips. Arrangement of a convenient conveyance for their trip is one of the most important requirements.

Our Rent a CarIslamabad service will resolve all of your issues regarding the arrangement of a conveyance within the city. We provide top-quality services to our customers in this regard. We are working with the best car providers in Islamabad. We make sure that they provide our customers Best Rent a Car Islamabad services for their trips. This makes your trip trouble-free and relaxing.

Some car providers charge extra charges to the foreigners due to their less knowledge about the fares. We do not allow this thing to happen with our customers and make sure that reasonable and sensible fares are charged to them.

We provide you with trained and professional drivers with our Rent a Car Islamabad services. They make your journeys safe and sound around the country wherever you go with them. They also provide you free guide services as well during your trips in Pakistan.  

We try to accommodate all our customers with the best facilities. It does not matter from which city they belong to or where they want to go during their tour to Pakistan. We ensure top-quality services and facilities for them.

Rental Car Services From Islamabad to Main Cities: -

· Rent a car from Islamabad to Lahore: -

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Most of the people visiting Islamabad are coming for business purposes or they are coming on an official tour. Therefore, they need luxurious and deluxe cars during their visits to match their levels. We ensure that they will get the best car services from us.  

These people usually travel between Islamabad and Lahore because of their business trips. Our Rent a Car from Islamabad to Lahore makes sure that they focus on their business properly through comfortable rides provided to them.

We work according to the needs and requirements of the customers. The business persons mostly like to travel in luxurious cars and this is why we provide them with the best cars in the town for their journeys.

·  Rent a car from Islamabad to Multan: -

Multan is an ancient city of Pakistan. It becomes an attraction for tourists due to its tombs and ancient places. Tourists who like to visit ancient places must-visit Multan. To move around the city they need a proper conveyance in the shape of a comfortable car.

They can hire this car from our rental car services and make their trips a relaxing one. If they are coming from Islamabad then they can hire it from there as well. We provide rent a car from Islamabad to Multan at very reasonable prices.

This car not only takes them from Islamabad to Multan but also they can use it for urban traveling. Our trained drivers with the cars take them to their desired places conveniently. They provide free guide services to them that make their trip a relaxing one.

· Rent a car from Islamabad to Faisalabad: -

Faisalabad is the third biggest city in Pakistan. It is the hub of the textile industry in Pakistan. Most people come here for business purposes only. If you are traveling from Islamabad to Faisalabad and worried about your conveyance then stop worrying and utilize our Rent a Car service. will provide the best solution to your traveling problems. We have contacts with top-notch vehicle providers. From those, we will arrange the best car to travel to different cities in Pakistan. Similarly, you can book our Rent a Car from Islamabad to Faisalabad for comfortable traveling.

We provide all types of cars to our customers at very reasonable prices. You can Book a Car for yourself only or you can book it for the whole family and friends as well. Depending on your requirement you can select a deluxe car or a luxury van for your traveling.   

Rental car Services from Islamabad to Northern Areas of Pakistan: -

· Rent a car from Islamabad to Gilgit: -

The tourists coming to Pakistan to spend their holidays want comfortable stays in the best hotels with the best-traveling facilities. One of those facilities is the cars in which they travel to different places in Pakistan.

Gilgit is one of the biggest attractions for tourists coming to Pakistan because of its natural beauty and scenery.  It is a hilly area with narrow roads. If someone is planning to visit Gilgit, they must acquire the best car to visit this place.

Our rental car services are available in all cities in Pakistan. The closest starting point of the Tour to Gilgit is Islamabad city. Rent a car from Islamabad to Gilgit is the best option for the tourists to start their journey.    

We will provide the best cars to them for their tour in which they feel safe and comfortable during the trip. As it is a hilly place, therefore, they need big cars for their trips that can easily climb the mountains and take them to their destinations.

 Our 4x4 cars will be the best option for them in this regard. It depends on the number of persons going on the trip. For families and large groups, we also provide buses and vans for their convenience. Our trained drivers make sure that all our customers reach their destinations safe and sound.

· Rent a car from Islamabad to Murree: -

Murree is the most visited place by tourists coming to Pakistan due to its beauty and developed structure. The government of Pakistan has invested a lot in Murree to develop it into a perfect tourist place.

Hotels in Murree are of great standards and quality. With that, other tourist activities such as chair lifts, hiking, and camping attract tourists to visit this place. Another thing is that it is nearby to Islamabad. The person who is coming to Islamabad can include Murree in their trip easily.

Developed roads and infrastructure makes tourist access to Murree very easy. Rent a car from Islamabad to Murree will cost the tourist very little. By spending very little they can double their joy and pleasure. Our Rent a Car service is the best way for them to hire a car for their visit to Murree. We provide deluxe cars at economical rates to our customers.

· Rent a car from Islamabad to Narran Kaghan: -

Narran Kaghan valleys are full of attractions for tourists visiting Pakistan. These valleys are full of beautiful spots and natural scenery. The eye-catching lakes in the valleys are the biggest attraction for visitors here. Lake Saif ul Maluk and Ansoo lakes are the most visited ones.

Most of the tourists who want to go to the northern areas of Pakistan land in Islamabad city. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and is the nearest developed city from the northern areas with all the facilities for the tourist. They can stay here for a night and then move on with their journey to the northern parts.

They can hire a car from here for their convenience. There is several different Rent a Car provider available here for their help. They can acquire the services of anyone but it should be a trusted company. rent a car service is renowned throughout the country for its quality services and trusted people. We provide our customers best rent a car facility to make their tour remarkably comfortable and enjoyable. We provide all sorts of cars on rent according to the customer’s needs and demands. Avail to our Rent a car from Islamabad to Narran Kaghan service at the best economical prices and make your tour enjoyable.  

· Rent a car from Islamabad to Neelum Valley: -

 Neelum valley is popular in the world for its natural beauty. It is also called paradise on the earth. Mesmerizing waterfalls, lakes, and mountains provide all the fun to the tourists who they dreamed of on their dream holiday tour.

They can perform a lot of different activities here to make their trip a memorable one. Hiking, trekking, and camping on the mountain tops must be their priority while visiting the Neelum valley.

To do all these activities they need comfortable and safe conveyance to move around the valley. First of all, they need a car which will take them to the main area of the valley where their hotels are located. Then to move further on in the valley to different spots they need bigger and stronger cars like 4x4 jeeps. provides the tourist with such amazing Tour Package plans which cover all these facilities. From Hotel Bookings to Rent a Car services everything is included in the packages. They do not need to worry about anything and can enjoy the tour with completely relax minds.

Tourists who are coming from Islamabad will get the tour package that includes their Rent a Car from Islamabad to Neelum Valley and also the car services to move within the valley. We will charge anything extra for those car services. This makes our tour packages superior to our rivals.

· Rent a car from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad: -

Muzaffarabad is the capital of Azad Kashmir. It is a place full of mountains and beautiful spots. Beautiful lakes and rivers flowing with it give a mesmerizing look to the visitors. The people of Muzaffarabad are renowned for their hospitality and friendliness.

The pleasant weather of Muzaffarabad is it's another attraction. In the scorching summer weather of Pakistan, the weather of Muzaffarabad remains pleasant and cool. People from all around the country like to visit this place in summer to spend some quality time with their friends and family members.

To reach Muzaffarabad city people need good car service. Many people acquire cars from Rent a Car service providers. We provide our customers best cars according to their needs and requirements. These cars not only make their journeys comfortable and enjoyable but also remain low in their pockets.

Our economical Rent a Car from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad service is one of the best in the country. We provide you with trained drivers with cars who work as a free guide for you during your trips. They make sure that you will enjoy every bit of your trip without missing a single spot. You can select the car of your own choice as well.

· Rent a car from Islamabad to Hunza Valley: -

Hunza valley is a must-visit place for all the tourists visiting Pakistan to spend their holidays. It is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. Hunza valley is surrounded by beautiful mountains. They remain covered under snow for most of the year. This makes them look amazing and eye-catching for the tourists.

It has some of the most exciting and thrilling trekking paths. The most famous one is the path that takes you to the fairy meadows.  You will find some of the most beautiful and enticing scenes of natural beauty here. The whole trekking path is very exciting and thrilling full of different attractions.

It is one of the most distant tourist places in Pakistan. You need the best cars with trained drivers to reach this place. Otherwise, you may put yourself in danger. Rent car providers will provide you the car for your trip but they will not guarantee your safety but here at, it is not like it.

We will provide you cars that are capable of taking you there safely. The most amazing thing is that we also provide you with trained drivers who know the areas very well and make sure that your journey completes safely. Our Rent a Car from Islamabad to Hunza Valley service provides you best cars that fulfill your needs satisfactorily.

If you are going in the group then we will provide you bigger vans and buses of top quality. These air-conditioned coaches with luxury seating in it make your trip wonderful and enjoyable. To move within the valley you need a car with strong engines that can climb the mountains easily. For this purpose, our 4x4 jeeps are the perfect solution for you. All these cars and buses come with trained drivers.

· Rent a car from Islamabad to Swat Kalam: -

Pakistan is famous in the world for its beautiful northern areas. Swat and Kalam valleys are part of those areas which are full of tourist attractions. The swat valley is known for its waterfalls and rivers flowing with it. Kalam valley is more popular for its mountains and lakes.

Tourists who are visiting these valleys can do a lot of exciting and thrilling activities to makes their trips enjoyable and memorable for the rest of their lives. Hiking and camping along the lakes of Kalam valley is the most favorite activity of the tourists.

These valleys are situated quite far away from the capital city of Pakistan. Therefore, you need to have a good conveyance to reach these valleys. If you don't have any then do not worry about it. Hire our Rent a Car service and get relaxed.

We provide you Rent a Car from Islamabad to Swat Kalam at very reasonable prices. This keeps you within your budget limits and you can enjoy the trip with a relaxed mind. It is not a service that you can book from Islamabad only. You can book our rental cars from any city in Pakistan online at very cheap rates.

· Rent a car from Islamabad to Skardu Khaplu: -

The northern areas of Pakistan are full of beauty and tourist attractions. Skardu and Khaplu are also part of those beautiful and eye-catching areas. They become a tourist attraction due to their mountains covered with snow and their freezing weather.

Even in the scorching summer of Pakistan, their temperatures do not rise extensively. This makes them a perfect tourist place in the summer season. Skiing is the most attractive attraction for the tourist coming here.

If you are going by road to Skardu then it will take you many hours to reach there. Mostly, Islamabad is the starting point for most tourists on this journey. In Islamabad, they can stay for a night and then start their journeys the next day onwards.

They can hire the services of a rental car service provider for their conveyance. In Islamabad, there are a lot of rental car service providers are available to them. Choosing the best out of them is the main task. is the name of trust and belief. We do not disappoint our customers by any means.

Whether it is quality of our services or it is cost-affectivity. We try to deliver our best to our customers. We provide them luxurious cars at economical prices. This makes us different from our competitors. Our Rent a Car from Islamabad to Skardu Khaplu comes at very low prices. This allows you to manage your tour budgets in the best possible way.     

 You can hire any type of car that fulfills your needs in the best way. It can be a deluxe van or bus, or a luxurious car for your family. You can trust our services and enjoy your trip. Our trusted drivers will make sure that you reach your destinations safely and sound.

Why Blizin.Com Should Be Your First Choice: - strives hard to achieve the best for their customers. We are working in this industry for many years. Our experience and professionalism brings out the best from us. We provide quality services to our customers in all regards. Especially, our Rent a Car Services in Islamabad are of top quality.

We especially take care of their conveyance issues during their trips. This is why we are working with only trusted car providers companies in the country. We make sure that our customers will get comfortable journeys during their trips in Pakistan. Avail to our cheap Rent a Car service in Islamabad and make your trips trouble-free.

FAQs about rent a car Islamabad

The most popular car booked in Islamabad for rent is Toyota Corolla XLI

Cost for rent a car in Islamabad ranges from 2500 to 25000

Yes you can make token payment at the time of booking and balance payment at the time of your departure.