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Cars on rent in Swat

Swat is a perfect holiday resort for tourists. It is known as a paradise on earth. Swat is situated in the upper northern areas of Pakistan. It is famous for its cultural festivals and activities. People of Swat valley are very friendly by nature and they respect their guests from the bottom of their hearts. We are providing rent a car service from swat valley to different destinations that will help the tourists in planning their trips properly.

People who like to visit this valley do need guidance and support. Otherwise, they may put themselves in trouble. Especially, the ones who are coming from distant places must take care of few things before starting their journeys. The first thing is the advanced Hotel Bookings In Swat are necessary before the start of the journey. The second thing is the arrangement of a proper conveyance to travel to this hilly place. provides their customers the best options in planning their trips to swat valley. We will arrange everything for them with convenience and at affordable prices. We will provide them advance hotel booking in the best available hotels and most importantly arrange them with appropriate vehicles for their journeys.

Our Best Rent a Car Services make it easier for them to get the desired car or van for their tour to swat valley. It is very important to acquire a safe and good condition car while moving around a hilly place. Otherwise, it can create problems for you and ruins your whole trip.

Swat valley is surrounded by so many beautiful places. One who is planning to visit swat must visit these places to make their trip memorable. Some of those places are.

  • Kalam Valley
  • Kumrat Valley
  • Madyan
  • Bahrain
  • Marghazar
  • Saidu Sharif
  • Mahodand Lake
  • Malam Jabba
  • Kundol Lake

Rent A Car from Swat to Kalam Valley: -

Kalam valley is situated almost 100kms away from swat valley. It is famous for its natural beauty and scenery. The whole valley is surrounded by mountains covered with green trees. Waterfalls and lakes increase the beauty of the valley extraordinarily. To reach this place from Swat you need to book a car for your trip. Rent a car from swat to Kalam valley should be the best option for you in case you have not your conveyance.

It is suggested that you should hire a rent a car service to travel around the Swat valley because you may not know the ways to reach the places safely. The cars you get from the rent a car provider will come with trained drivers and they know the areas very well. They will take you to your destinations safely.  

 Our rent a car services are known as one of the best in the town. We provide luxurious and comfortable cars to our customers according to their needs and requirements. Our professional drivers work as a free guide for you as well during the trip. They will make sure that you don’t miss a single spot of excitement and thrill. This makes your journey enjoyable and relaxing.

Some of the most amazing spots around the Kalam valley are Matiltan, Usho, and Gabral. Each of them has its significance and importance. It is the best place to visit during the summer season as the winter of the valley is harsh and cold.

Rent a Jeep (4x4) from Kalam to Mahodand Lake: -

Once you reached Kalam valley, there is a lot for you to see. It is surrounded with beautiful places that include lakes, waterfalls, and many others. You must take out 2 to 3 days from your Tour to Swat to explore this place completely. Mahodand Lake is the most visited place by the tourists visiting Kalam valley.

The best way to reach this Lake from Kalam Valley is by hiring a 4x4 jeep. We provide you best rent a jeep service from Kalam to Mahodand Lake. Driving a 4x4 jeep is not easy here due to narrow roads and hilly area. At this point, our experienced drivers will serve you in the best way. Our Rent a Jeep service provides you a safe and comfortable journey all the way through from Kalam to Mahodand Lake. You can just relax and enjoy the trip. You must take out a whole day from your trip to visit this beautiful lake.

Rent A Jeep (4x4) from Kalam to Kumrat Valley: -

Another beautiful place located nearby to Kalam valley is the Kumrat Valley.  It is a must-visit place for the tourists due to its tempting scenes and beauty. You can go directly from swat to kumrat valley or you can plan it from Kalam as well. Acquire our Rent a jeep service from Kalam and visit this beautiful place.

We provide top-quality service of Rent a Jeep from Kalam to Kumrat Valley at very affordable rates. Our best jeeps with experienced drivers make our service superior from our competitors in all respects. This is why people book our rent a jeep services with confidence and trust.

Rent A Jeep (4x4) from Swat to Kumrat Valley: -

Kumrat valley is a must-visit place for the tourist. It brings a lot of different attractions for the tourists that make their tours exciting and thrilling. This valley is situated in the upper Dir district on an hour’s drive distance from Swat valley. The best way to reach this place for the tourists is by taking Rent a Jeep from Swat to Kumrat valley.

Waterfalls, lakes, and beautiful mountains provide eye-catching scenes to the tourists. They can also do activities like camping, hiking, and fishing here to bring utter enjoyment and fun to their tour. Moving around the valley is not an easy thing due to difficult roads and hills. This is why rent a Jeep is the best option to move around the valley.

Hire a 4x4 jeep on rent from Swat valley and make your journey to the top of the mountains of Kumrat valley. These jeeps easily climb up the mountains and add an extra thrill to your trip. The drivers who come with these 4x4 jeeps are well-trained and experienced. They drive you to the valley carefully and safely.

Once you hire our rent a Jeep services then you do not need to worry about anything. You can just close your eyes and relax. Enjoy the rest of the trip with a free mind and experience the beauty of nature. Some of the most famous spots to visit here are Jandrai, trek to Katora Lake, and Kala Chashma Lake.

Rent A Car from Swat to Madyan: -

Madyan is one of the most popular hill stations nearby Swat valley. It is situated along the Coast of Swat River and its surrounding is covered with huge mountains. Tourists coming to Swat must visit this place to get a mind-blowing lifetime experience. Tourists can hire rent a car from Swat to Madyan for a relaxing and comfortable journey.

The Madyan valley offers astonishing views to visitors with pleasant and lovely weather. Once you rent a car to travel around the area, it becomes easier for you to explore it properly because experienced drivers with the cars guide you to the exact spots of your interest. This saves your time and money as well.

Rent A Car from Swat to Bahrain: -

Bahrain is another beautiful hill station located nearby to swat valley. It is situated along a riverside that enhances its attraction for the tourists. It is a place where two rivers Daral and Swat merge here. To see this fascinating place you need to take a drive of almost 1 hour from Swat valley. The best option for you is to hire a rent a car from Swat to Bahrain valley.

Our affordable and luxurious cars will make your trip enjoyable and relaxing. We provide all sorts of cars to our customers as per their needs. As this is a hilly area, therefore, most people like to hire 4x4 jeeps for their trips to Bahrain. Our top-quality rent a car service not only resolves your conveyance problem but also makes your trip trouble-free.

 If you are unaware of the area and do not know the ways to reach your destinations. There is no need to worry. Our trained and experienced drivers will work as a free guide for you as well. They will take you to your destination safe and sound. You do not need to worry about anything as our professional team will manage everything to make your trip a memorable one for you.

Rent A Car from Swat to Marghuzar: -

Marghuzar is a small village nearby to Swat valley. It is famous for its white marble palace which has strong historical importance. The royal family of Swat lived in this palace till the 1940s. After that, it is converted into a hotel and it serves as a hotel till today.

People visiting Swat valley must see this palace. It has some eye-catching views at the night. The good thing about this place is that it is not very far away from the Swat valley. You will find a cheap rent a car from swat to Marghuzar and can visit this beautiful village.

The people here are very friendly and cultured. They treat you as their guests and make sure you will get the best hospitality services from them. This makes your trip enjoyable.     

Rent A Car from Swat to Saidu Sharif: -

Saidu Sharif is the administrative center of Swat Valley. It provides all the necessary facilities to the citizens of Swat valley and with that also take care of the visitors visiting this place. This city is full of historical sites which is the biggest attraction for tourists in the area.

To travel from Swat Valley to Saidu Sharif, you need a good conveyance. Our rent a car service will resolve your problem of acquiring a good conveyance for your trip. We provide all sorts of cars at affordable rents to our customers. They have the option to select the cars of their choice for the trip.

Utilizing Rent a car from Swat to Saidu Sharif service makes the tourist's trips hassle-free. We will make sure that you will enjoy every bit of the trip with relax mind. Our drivers will take you to the destinations safely and ensures that you will not miss a single spot of interest. They will guide you along the whole journey about the different tourist attractions in the area that helps you in managing your trip plans properly. 

Rent A Jeep (4x4) from Swat to Mahudand Lake: -

The tourists visiting Swat Valley must go to Mahudand Lake. It is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the area. Rent a jeep (4x4) from Swat to Mahudand Lake and make your trip a memorable one. You must visit this place with your friends and family members to spend quality time.

The Mahudand Lake is surrounded by green meadows and mountains. It gives a mesmerizing look to the visitors and they find it very attractive and fascinating. It is a must-visit place for the tourists coming to Swat Valley. Exciting and thrilling activities like camping, fishing, and trekking are available here for tourists. These activities will make their trip extremely enjoyable.

The best time for the visitor to visit this place is in the summer season because in the winter season the lake remains frozen. Due to harsh weather in winter, roadblocks are usual here as well. Allocate at least one whole day from your schedule to visit this place and acquire rent a car accordingly. 

Rent A Car from Swat to Malam Jabba: -

Malam Jabba is the only ski resort in Pakistan. This is the biggest attraction for tourists as well. People who plan a tour to swat must include Malam Jabba in it. The tour remains incomplete without visiting this beautiful place. It almost takes 2 hours’ drive from Swat Valley to Malam Jabba. The best way to reach here is by hiring a rent a car service. We are providing this service of rent a car from Swat to Malam Jabba at ground-breaking prices.

You can book our service in advance that saves you from extra tension and you can enjoy the trip with a relaxing and free mind. We provide our customers best services in every aspect. This is why our customers trust us blindly. We ensure that our drivers will take you to the destinations pleasantly and comfortably.   

Rent A Jeep (4x4) from Swat to Kundol Lake: -

Kundol Lake is situated in between the gigantic mountains of Hindu Kush. It is a great tourist place with a lot of natural beauty. The lake is surrounded by Snow Mountains and green forests. The combination of these two natural beauties enhances the attractiveness of the lake to a great extent. 

To reach this lake you need to have a good conveyance with an experienced driver who knows the routes very well. In this regard, our service of rent a jeep (4x4) from Swat to Kundol Lake is the best option for the tourists.

Our comfortable and luxurious cars with experienced drivers will take you to the Lake safely. You can enjoy different types of activities their as fishing, camping, and hiking. Hiring rent a jeep (4x4) will bring you a lot of benefits. Firstly, you can travel by relaxing your mind without taking the tension of finding ways to reach the Lake. Secondly, you can enjoy the scenery during your journey to the lake and many others.   

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FAQs about rent a car Swat

The most popular car booked in Swat for rent is Toyota Corolla XLI

Cost for rent a car in Swat ranges from 2500 to 25000

Yes you can make token payment at the time of booking and balance payment at the time of your departure.