Mohenjo Daro- Telling The Tales of Ruins

Mohenjo Daro- Telling The Tales of Ruins
Mohenjo Daro- Telling The Tales of Ruins
Mohenjo Daro- Telling The Tales of Ruins
Mohenjo Daro- Telling The Tales of Ruins
Mohenjo Daro- Telling The Tales of Ruins

History is a very fluctuating thing. It goes through many ups and downs. The history witnessed some flourished eras while on the other hand went through a number of demolished times.

There exist some cities which were on a peak in terms of grandeur but vanished like they never existed. We will through light on one of those strange cities which were although extremely prosperous but then demolished like cotton buds.

Yes, you are right we are talking about the great “Mohenjo Daro”. Mohenjo Daro is the best place to see for all people interested in history, culture, beauty, old traditions, and ancient modernization. It is a complete package of all these things.

What is Mohenjo Daro?

Mohenjo Daro is honored as the oldest city known to archaeologists. It was located in the Sindh territory of modern days. Archaeologists discovered this city in the 1920s. But, the details about its history, culture, architecture and how it got ruined is still a mystery.

Mohenjo Daro is a part of great Indus Civilization and is known to be the largest preserved city of the Indus Civilization. It was found along Indus River. Although there are no proofs there is an estimate of archaeologists that the city was abandoned nearly 3000 years ago.

How was Mohenjo Daro?

The remains show that Mohenjo Daro was a very modern civilization. It had all the facilities like modern days. It was a very sophisticated settlement. The traders, fishermen, and farmers were equipped with the latest technology. The language used at that time was deciphered.

The proper sanitation system and water sewerage system was found in Mohenjo Daro. The city has more than 400 public wells. There were proper flushing toilets in houses. The city was so advanced that there were public baths too. The sewerage was underground to use the waste as fertilizer.

How cool is that! Such advanced systems in history. Well, this is something shocking and must to see.

The Mesmerizing Remains Found by Archaeologists:

After searching for the remains of this great city, many pieces of evidence were found which proved its grandeur and sovereignty. Let’s discuss some of those remains:

  • The Modern Bathing System

Look at the redesigned image of the bath found in Mohenjo Daro. It is nothing less than modern-day Jacuzzi. The bath is 7 meters wide and 2.4 meters deep. The north and south of the pool have two staircases leading down. Studies show that this bath was used for sacred purposes.

How beautiful is that? Really want to step in!

  • The sculptures showing fashion sense:

The researches show that the people of Mohenjo Daro were modern with great fashion sense. This is evident from the statutes and sculptures wearing beautiful dresses and jewelry. The fashion sense is matching with recent ages.

Look at this 17.5 centimeters tall sculpture found in 1927 with beard, armbands, and fillet around the head. This is the evidence of their modern wearing.

  • The confident, entertaining girls:

The women of the Indus civilization were very confident and bold. They were fond of entertainment and new trends.

Just like this statue of a woman standing with full confidence and wearing bangles. Her face shows arrogance and pride. This 10.5 centimeters high statue was extracted in 1926 named as “dancing girl”.

  • The Pashupati:

No matter we talk about a new era or old humans and animals always existed. Same is the case with Mohenjo Daro Civilization. Many animals existed like dogs, fishes, goats, seagulls etc. Their seals had pictures of animals.

Just like this seal of Pashupati. It shows a cross-legged person surrounded by animals. It is also extracted while digging and is named as “proto-Shiva” or Animal’s Lord.


Everyone is confused about its destruction. Some people believed that it was destroyed due to war while some are of the view that a natural disaster ruined it. Well, who knows the reality, it’s a mere guess.

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