Shah Faisal Mosque

Shah Faisal Mosque
Shah Faisal Mosque
Shah Faisal Mosque
Shah Faisal Mosque

Islamabad is not only the capital of Pakistan but also a very beautiful place. There is an unlimited number of attractions, worth mentioning, over there. But, being a Muslim the most fascinating place is Pakistan’s most beautiful mosque-“The Shah Faisal Mosque”.

Shah Faial mosque is the example of perfection. It is designed in modern ways by a Turkish Architect Vedat Dalokay. He gave it a Bedouin’s tent shape.

To enjoy reading its beautiful creation, follow till the end!


The grand mosque is located at the North of Faisal Avenue, in the foot of Margiela Hills. A picturesque background of hills can be easily seen from its front.

It is located in such a place that it can be seen clearly miles away.

The naming of the mosque:

Shah Faisal mosque is named after King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia who was the financer of this mosque. Until 1993 it was honored as the largest mosque of the world. Then, Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nabwi replaced the Shah Faisal Mosque and appointed it number four.

Due to the grandeur and beauty, Shah Faisal mosque is considered as the “National Mosque of Pakistan”.


In 1966, Shah Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz visited Pakistan and led the initiative to build a national mosque in Islamabad.

In 1969, 17 countries’ architects submitted 43 proposals of construction. Edat Dholkay design was selected and the construction started in 1976. The total cost incurred for this construction was 130 million Riyals.

The construction was completed in 1986. It faced many criticisms, in the start, due to its unconventional structure but then everything got normal.

Today this mosque has a special place in the Islamic World.

Design and Architecture:

The most interesting thing that makes Faisal Mosque unique from other mosques is its modern and unconventional dome-less architecture.

The architecture is more towards contemporary and Saudi Bedouin’s tent. The thin minarets have a Turkish touch and the cubic structure in the center is inspired by Kabba. The whole design has the geometry of Kabba in an abstract manner.

Interior of Mosque:

The interior of the mosque is even beautiful than the exterior. You can enter from East where there is a prayer hall with porticoes.

 The main tent-like structure is covered with white marbles. It is all over decorated with mosaics. There is beautiful calligraphy done on the walls by famous artist Sadequain. The Turkish Chandelier in the centre enhances the beauty.

The mosaic pattern west wall has Kalimah written in Kufic style. The mirror image effect is just to die for. Ain’t you motivated to visit this splendid beauty?

The mosque houses University, hall, library, and café too. What are you waiting for? Go and pay a visit.

The capacity of the mosque:

The mosque is very spacious and is covering 54,000 sq ft. The main prayer hall can accommodate 10,000 people at the same time. Not only this, it has a further capacity of 24,000 worshippers in its Porticoes, 40,000 in the courtyard, and 200,000 in the ground. Spacious enough!

 Its minarets are 260 ft. high.

Tourists Attraction spot:

The Shah Faisal Mosque has so much to offer in terms of its beauty that it is always crowded with tourists. It is undoubtedly, a wonder mosque. People from far off places come to visit this magnificent piece of art.

Honoring the women visitors, it has a separate prayer hall for females. The tiles of this hall are imported from Greece.

On entrance, there is a pond with big fountains, which increases the beauty of the mosque. The main view you get with Margiela hills behind and lush greenery is mesmerizing. You will forget every other beauty in the world if you pay a visit to this mosque.


This mosque gives goosebumps, even to read about. If you really wish to see something worth-watching then do visit Shah Faisal mosque and revitalize your spirit.

  • Fri 15, March 2019