Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai`s Shrine- A place where love and peace reside

Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai`s Shrine- A place where love and peace reside
Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai`s Shrine- A place where love and peace reside
Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai`s Shrine- A place where love and peace reside
Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai`s Shrine- A place where love and peace reside

Shrines are amazing places to honor the working and services of great people. History has seen many great people but less are those lucky persons who are remembered and their resting places are visited and followed.

Let’s talk about one of the greatest Sufi shrines from the 18th century which is not only known but also admired and visited by millions of devotees. Oh! Which is that shrine??? Popping in your mind, right?

Well, I am talking about the shrine of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai, a place where mere Sufism resides in the air.



Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai’s shrine is in Bhit Shah, Sindh which is about 200Km from karachi. Sindh is known due to this important and famous shrine.


Historical Background:

Before going into the depth of the background let us understand its importance by the fact that it is visited by more than 500,000 people every year.

Shah Abdul Latif Bhttai was a Sufi scholar, a poet and a and a mystic saint. He was considered the master of Sindhi poetry. You can hardly see any other amazing Sindhi poet like him. He mastered the Sindhi language so well. His shrine is quite near to the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalander, another amazing Sufi person.


Amazing random fact:

A very interesting fact about this shrine is that its caretakers are females. You can hardly see female caretakers in Pakistan especially in the shrines. Even males mimic females when they sing songs. Their songs comprise of the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai. The shrine is of respect to Hindus as well.


Architecture and Building:

Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, in 1772, designed the amazing building of the Bhattai’s tomb. The building has a mosque and a tomb as well. Both of them open up into a big verandah which has some arcades and gateways. The domes are very large.

The courtyard holds amazing qawwali nights every night. The architecture of the complex is the perfect example of beautiful Sindhi architecture. Its antique blue colored work enhances the beauty of the structure. The building attracts some non-believers as well, due to its unmatched beauty.


Three days Urs:

The Urs of Shah Abdul Bhattai is celebrated for three consecutive days. People from all over the world come to pay a visit with full zeal and zest. They travel the whole day long in the scorching sun but never dare to miss the big celebrations, honoring the day when Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai had a union with God.

All non-visitors also honor Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai by celebrating a public holiday.


Cultural preparations of Urs:

The Urs is organized with full cultural zest. The cultural conferences are commenced and livestock shows are organized. People also arrange horse and camel shows in which all farmers and land-owners participate. The shrine is decorated with beautiful lights and grounds are arranged for special farm shows.


Security arrangements:

Most of the people are afraid to visit shrines as they consider the security to be poor in such places. To your pleasure, let me tell you that you can visit this shrine very freely as it is guarded by 2400 cops and special law and order conditions are imposed.

It is a hub of peace and harmony for Sindh inhabitants.

So, beautiful people what are you waiting for? Let's pack your bags and be ready to feel the fragrance of Sufiism in Sindh.

  • Sat 16, November 2019