Quaid e Azam Mausoleum

Quaid e Azam Mausoleum
Quaid e Azam Mausoleum
Quaid e Azam Mausoleum
Quaid e Azam Mausoleum
Quaid e Azam Mausoleum

Know who Jinnah is? How he is related to Pakistan?  My question seems quite insane because Jinnah is not a name Jinnah is a personality, an emotion. We start to learn about Jinnah or Quaid even when we start to speak.

Today we are going to make you aware of one of the honored things related to Mohammad Ali Jinnah. And, that is “Mizaar e Quaid” or “Mausoleum of Quaid”.

History of Mausoleum:

The remains of our Quaid need to be preserved with full honor. For that purpose, Ayub Khan laid the foundation of Mizaar on July 31, 1960. The wood for constructing the Mausoleum was provided by Azad Kashmir’s government. Its foundation also preserved Jinnah’s biography, ancient coins and one copy of Pakistan Resolution document.

Mr. Yaha Merchant made the design of Mausoleum. The mausoleum has 54 sq. meters long platform with white marbles and copper grill. The main mausoleum has maximum height with the most fascinating architecture. The back side is comparatively short with no steps on the side.

The architecture of the building:

The architecture of Mausoleum is very magnificent as it is provided by a renowned architect Mr. Yaha Merchant. The whole building is covered with white marbles. The copper grills on the sides complete its look. It occupies an area of 53 hectares and dimensions of 75x75. The building is on the platform which is 4 meters above the ground.

Fountains & Chandelier:

There are 15 beautiful fountains in the mausoleum which enhances the beauty and attracts the visitors. The chambers depict a very organized structure with a dapper chandelier in the center. This is not an ordinary chandelier but a gift from China in order to honor the friendship of both countries.

Night View:

The night view of the Mausoleum is even more cherishing. The garden of Mausoleum is covered with beautiful lights that give a very charismatic feeling.


In the graveyard area, there are four graves. On the North side lies, the grave of Fatima Jinnah covered in a black base. Liaqat Ali Khan's grave is on another north side with Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar on Southside and Noor ul Ameen’s in the center. All these graves have white Italian marbles on the outside.

Picnic place in the premises:

The mausoleum is really peaceful, serene and beautiful. People from far off places come to visit Mausoleum for paying tribute to their leader, especially on 14th August. People also come to Mausoleum for family gatherings and picnics. The whole aura you get at the mausoleum is really fascinating. It should be a must visited spot for all the families seeking some fun spot.

So, pack your picnic bags and visit Mizaar-e-Quaid if you haven’t yet!

Why visit Mausoleum?  

Karachi being the 5th largest city is very much crowded and congested. The roads are always crowded with heavy traffic. In that case, Mizaar is the place with all linking main roads. People like to spend their evenings in the calm environment of Mizaar.

The best you can do at Mizaar is to go to the prayer hall and perform prayer and then visit its gardens. The gardens of the mausoleum are lush green and airy especially in summers. It is the perfect place to get rid off scorching heat. The garden is equipped with several benches where spectators can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenes of splendid Mausoleum.

The security of Mausoleum:

The security of the Mausoleum is very strong. Several military persons come to check the whole situation. Sindh Government takes special actions to protect the resting place of their leader.

So if you are planning to visit Mizaar-e-Quaid then go freely as there are no security threats.

The attractions Nearby:

Plan today to visit the mausoleum and get fascinated by other attractions around too, like:

  • Atrium Mall.
  • Dolmen Mall.
  • Aladin Amusement Park.

Plan your visit:

This beautiful and grand monument of Pakistan demands a visit at least once. Visit grand mausoleum with your families and pay homage to your leader. And, it’s a fun place too for all the comfort seekers.

  • Fri 15, March 2019