Port Grand Karachi

Port Grand Karachi
Port Grand Karachi

You all must be aware of a famous saying that “Jinnhe Lahore ni Takya O Jamya hi Nai”. But, I would rather say that “Jinnhe Karachi Nai Wekhya Oh Ne Jam k, Vi Gawa Dita”.

Karachi has so much to offer that you will forget all other attractions. One such amazingly attractive place is Karachi’s exclusive Themed Food Street “Port Grand” on Jetty Bridge.

Think it’s not a worthy place? Then, imagine that you are dining along the sea and fishes and boats staring you. Isn’t it fun?

Port Grand- An incredible entertainment place:

Port Grand is the perfect entertainment place in Pakistan. It is located on the historic jetty bridge which is a connecting bridge between Karachi and Keamari. It was rebuilt for providing a safe and outclass destination for all the Karachiites. It attracts a great number of tourists due to its beautiful location and facilities.

Grand Leisure Corporation built this complex in 1 Billion PKR. This 13 Acre outclass complex is the result of International Architects and designers. This state of the art complex is equipped with modern technologies and latest equipment.

The Coverage:

The Port Grand is spread on an area of 1,000 sq. feet on jetty Bridge. The bridge is 1 kilometer long that has been converted into an entertainment complex with a number of eateries and national and International Restaurants, shopping complex and 40,000 sq. feet wide open area.


Port Grand Complex is located on Jetty Bridge at M.T Khan Road, Sindh Pakistan. It was inaugurated on 28th May 2011.

Interesting Fact (The Suicide Bridge):

There is one interesting fact about Jetty Bridge that it was used as a suiciding bridge for the depressed. How sad!

But another amazing thing is that now it is considered as the most romantic spot due to its romantic aura, perfect location, ambiance, and mesmerizing sunset.

Perfect Place for Karachiities:

Grand Port is a perfect place for karachiities. You will find Karchiities always hungry for fun and entertainment. They do not miss any fun place rather crave for such environment. In that scenario “Grand Port” is a complete package for ones looking for entertainment. It is nonetheless, a flow of fresh air in the terror of the city.

Facilities provided at Port Grand:

There is a question that must be arising in your minds that what are the facilities provided at this lush area? So, here is a list!

  • Kids Playland
  • Valet Parking
  • Shopping Area
  • Restaurants
  • Walking place
  • Garden Seating Area
  • Dining
  • Cultural and Coastal Recreational Activities
  • The Art Lane
  • Boating

There are a number of other facilities too, which is attracting a number of people like market, bookstore, Art lane and antique things. And, most interestingly Free WiFi!

 Wait What? Free WiFi we Pakistanis rarely leave free WiFi. Don’t you agree?

The velvet parking for more than 800 cars is a plus point in such a crowded place. Another good and appreciable thing is that the architects have done measures for preserving the old trees found there. There were 150 years old Banyan trees, for which a special irrigation system is arranged to take care of them. After all:

“We want green Homeland”!

Events handling:

Port Grand is a perfect place for a number of events like weddings, festivals, and buffets. There is an Experience section where common people can arrange a variety of events for the Corporations and festival Boulevard.

Is there any reason left now for not to visit Grand Port? Visit it right now and have fun!


  • Fri 15, March 2019