Pir Mehar Ali Shah`s Shrine-White Marbled Beauty of Golra Sharif

Pir Mehar Ali Shah`s Shrine-White Marbled Beauty of Golra Sharif
Pir Mehar Ali Shah`s Shrine-White Marbled Beauty of Golra Sharif

Have you ever dreamt of going to the white palaces seen in movies? Or you ever imagined of scenic sites but failed to go? We all go through the same feeling and end up without being there. But, do you know there exists such a place even in Pakistan where you can go and fulfill this dream. Interesting right? Wondering which place is this? This is a beautiful white marble shrine of Pir Mehar Ali Shah that attracts many followers and even non-followers due to its beauty. E 11 Sector of Margalla Hills has an extremely beautiful and mesmerizing complex of Pir Ali Shah’s shrine. It is keeping all the secrets of beauty.

Sufi thoughts:

Every Sufi has its school of thoughts which makes him different from others. These thoughts cannot be followed by any other ordinary person. Pir Meher Ali Shah was the follower of “Wahadat al Wajood” which means existence unity. This thought took him to the level of Sufi because he believed that Allah is not separate from His creations. I know it is a conflicting topic for ordinary humans but not for him. He explained it so well that none can deny this fact.

He was also against “Qadiyani movements” that believed of another prophet after Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). This movement needed courage which was the thing of only Pir Shah’s.

Poetic sense:

Remember the lines?

Kithay Mehr Ali; kithay Teri (Allah) Sana”…..

These were said by this legend poet/Sufi.

All humans are the same:

We have seen a lot of religious scholars who preach just about their religions but have you ever seen any person creating a sense of equality? You hardly have. Everyone wants to promote their teachings neglecting others.

This was not the case for Pir Mehar Ali. He always stressed equality and freedom among sects. He never backstabbed any belief. This legend was respected by all people.

The strategic value of Shrine:

In ancient times, people had to move through the territory of Pir Meher Ali Shah’s shrine which made it strategically very prominent.

The gates of love:

It is believed that the shrine of Pir Mehar Ali is a symbol of love as it invites both Muslims and Sikh community. People forget all the grudges after coming here. The air is filled with peace and love only.

Victorian style Railway Station:

Talking about the surrounding, this shrine has a Victorian-style railway station for devotees to come and visit it. This reminds us of the movies of Sherlock Holmes; fully dramatic. It is another plus point for the visitors to come and relish its beauty.

Free kitchen:

The shrine has a special arrangement of kitchen 24x7 where free food is served to the devotees. Another amazing fact about this place is that it is visited by several prostitutes and transgenders as well, depicting the sense of equality and respect.


The architecture of this shrine is a very mixed kind of beautiful antique and modern palace. The palm trees around it, increase the beauty of the white building. The banyan trees are a vision for the beauty admirers.


There is a temple residing just beside the shrine. It is beautified with the own Hindu Paintings and no one has any issue on it.

This is the purest example of “Islam is a religion of harmony and peace”.

People wait impatiently to see this beautiful shrine. If you are thinking to visit some spiritually beautiful place then this place should be on the top of your bucket list.

Just pay a visit on my recommendation and you won't regret that.

  • Sun 10, November 2019