Panja Sahib- A Holy Place with Eternal Peace

Panja Sahib- A Holy Place with Eternal Peace
Panja Sahib- A Holy Place with Eternal Peace
Panja Sahib- A Holy Place with Eternal Peace
Panja Sahib- A Holy Place with Eternal Peace

Pakistan is a beautiful and heart-melting country. The beauty of it lies in accumulating different cultures, traditions, and even religions. Special respect relates to Pakistan when we come to know that not even Muslims but also, Sikhs, Hindus, and Christians are safe here. The best example of this point is the presence of most holy Sikhism place “Gurdwara Panja Sahib” in Hassan Abdaal Pakistan.

This Gurdwara is linked to Sikhs’ Holy Guru, Guru Nanak. Let's talk about its importance, occurrence and some other related details. So, follow me till the end.



48 KM away from Rawalpindi exist a small town Hassan Abdaal where Gurdwara Panja Sahib is situated. It is the most visited place by Sikhs as it is linked to the first Guru of Sikhism who spent his life here.

Although being visited throughout the year, a special gathering occurs twice a year when Sikh pilgrims visit this holy place in bulk.


Historical Background:

The first thing that comes into our minds after hearing the name of this Gurdwara is “Why is this name?” “What is the meaning of this name?”

Panja literally means “a widely opened hand”. Let's know the reason behind giving this name to Gurdwara.

Guru Nanak reached Hassan Abdaal in 1578 BK with Bhai Mardana in scorching summers. He along with Bhai Mardana started to recite Kirtan that annoyed a saint nearby. Meanwhile, Guru Nanak Sahib felt thirsty and sent Bhai Mardan to the saint, asking for some water. The saint got furious and denied providing water. But, Mardan kept on asking on which the saint advised him to ask for water from the Lord he serves.

Bhai Mardana got disappointed and came back saying that I prefer death over this insult. Baba Guru Nanak put a big rock on land and water began to sprout from it. Bhai Mardan drank it and felt happy.

Seeing all this, the saint got annoyed and threw a big mountain rock on Guru Nanak. Baba stopped the rock from his hand and his “panja” got imprinted on it.

After this miracle, the place got famous and a Gurdwara was built there.


The Building:

Maharaja Ranjit Singh built this Gurdwara honoring Baba Guru Nanak in the 19th century. The whole complex comprises a temple, pool, courtyard and a place for pilgrims to stay. The architecture of Gurdwara is a beautiful white building with gold engravings. Its beauty attracts a number of tourists besides the believers. Its fountains and lakes are enough to make the spectators wao!

You can see the amazing artworks everywhere. Peace and aura are unmatchable.



The living places here have hundreds of rooms where a number of people can live. The best thing about the accommodation here is that you can be given free food from the kitchens three times a day. The free meal can be enjoyed by not only Sikhs but also Muslims. Such equality preferring place should be visited for sure!!!!!

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