Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley
Kalash Valley
Kalash Valley
Kalash Valley
Kalash Valley
Kalash Valley
Kalash Valley

Kalash is a valley in the remote area of Pakistan (northwest) which is as beautiful as its name. Besides its scenic beauty, the fair-skinned, blue-eyed people enhances the charm even more. This is something actually worth visiting.

We will take you to a virtual tour of this valley with us and will discuss its culture, myths, history, and everything. This is going to be something very interesting so stay with us till the end.

Kalaash-History and Origin

It is believed that in the 3rd century, Alexander left his descendants in the form of now known Kalash people. Kalaash is a tribal community whose DNA study showed that they are descendants of Alexander or Macedonian people from Greek History.

Anthropologists performed many experiments on the origins of Kalaash and it also showed that they have European ancestors. However, the actual origin is still a mystery due to their white skins and colorful eyes.

Women Freedom

Kalaashi have a Pakistani passport but they are non-Muslims. A few KM away from Kalaash, in SWAT you will see women in burqas and veils with serious obligations. But, in Kalash, the scene is totally opposite. It may seem that they are conservative due to their appearance but they are not. The women in Kalaash are very liberal. They can even choose their life partners and can wander alone.

Isn’t it so twisty? It will definitely force you to visit Kalash once!

Religious Beliefs

Kalash people are Pagans that follow animism religion. Their god’s name is Dezau and they also sacrifice animals in the temples. They have no religious books which arise different stories about their beliefs.

Many believe that Kalaash people are polytheists.

Kalaash Today

There are approximately 5000 people living in this heaven. Due to the remote area, the people of Kalash have no proper resources. They use the sun as a substitute for electricity or gadgets. Life is tough and they live in shacks. The winter period is very long and extreme. They cannot even move to other places during winters.

However, if you visit this heaven in mild weather, you can see the actual beauty. The place is filled with natural beauty. The weather is perfect and the people are amazing to stare. The beautiful eyes of Kalash people will force you to think that you are in heaven with angels.

The people will be seen enjoying and celebrating with homemade liquor.

Kalaash Culture and Its Extinction

Women are the actual savior of Kalaash culture who wears heavy traditional dresses, turbans, and jewelry every time. They can be seen dancing and celebrating every time.

The culture of Kalaash is at the verge of getting extinct. More than half of the Kalash people have converted to Islam and other Muslim communities are also settling here.

New Muslim buildings and mosques will be built and along with new culture. This directly means that Kalaash culture will extinct really soon.

Chilam Joshi festival

This is the most aspiring and worth visiting the festival. It is a 4 days event in which people dance, drink and eat freely just like any feast. They worship the gods and spirits and most importantly young girls and boys choose their life partners in this event.

Shocked? But it's true. Kalaash culture allows people to choose their partners freely.

Is there any place to stay if you visit Kalaash?

Don’t worry that you will miss this beauty due to no place to stay. Kalaash offers amazing house stays at minimal prices. There are some guest houses too which you can book along with three days meal.

Worth capturing places

There are a lot of worth capturing places in Kalaash so always set your cameras prior. The people are also un-resistible to take photos. They are so friendly and do not mind taking photos but always seek permission first.


Kalaash is an amazing place to visit if you are actually nature and beauty lover. Its culture, traditions, and modernism will make you stunned for a while.

  • Tue 06, August 2019