Gwadar is a very important and loved city of Pakistan. Due to the mesmerizing beauty of its port, the economic value and attraction have been increased a lot.

Gwadar is recognized for its fishing village, 5Star hotels located on Hammerhead and the Gwadar Port (most importantly). This port built in 2007 by China proved to be the turning point for Pakistan. The port connects three most important regions Middle East, Central Asia and Pakistan for trade.

Talking apart from the economic importance of this area, we will discuss some fun and must beautiful places to visit. So follow me till the end and get a glimpse of all amazing locations to go to.

  • Gawadar Port:

First thing first, Gawadar Port is the most beautiful spot of Gawadar. It has the most beautiful scenic nature with the warm and clear water of the Arabian Sea. It attracts tourists for different purposes. Some tourists come for the purpose of trade while some come only for enjoying its beauty.

The port is a connecting hub to the Middle East, Central Asian countries and Pakistan. The water here is clear and best supported for boating and fishing.

  • Hammerhead:

Hammerhead is a mass of rock that is shaped as hammerhead whale. An erupted mud volcano created this place. It is so much exotic to see the mesmerizing Arabian Sea on Southern side of the whale and Gwadar city on the northern.

The aerial views of this place are very breathtaking. It is hard to believe that this shape is created naturally. The view is so perfect to believe it real. Gwadar has some other rocks too, made from natural volcanoes.

There is hardly any other place in the world which has such a natural beauty. This place is must to visit, for sure.  

  • Ormara Beach:

Ormara Beach is present in the middle of Karachi and Gwadar. The specialty of this place is that it comes under the rule of the navy. The vessels of the army can be seen scattered everywhere.

Ormara has a number of amazing factors attached to it that makes it captivating attraction spot for tourists. Ormara Beach is protected from the sea by Hammerhead and its water remains clear.

Do you know the interesting fact related to the name of this place? If not then let me tell you that it was once a pit stop for Alexander the Great. One of his majors named Ormuz died here. So, “Ormara” was named after this major.

This place has a lot of connection with the army which forces all the patriots to see this place.

  • The Sphinx:

Have you ever thought that one day dramatically you will reach Egypt and see its sphinx in front of your eyes? Seems unrealistic! There is no need to go to Egypt because Gwadar has something very interesting to offer. Who needs to see man-made sphinx when we have natural sphinx?

Gwadar has a natural sphinx on the top of the range presenting a very dramatic view of Gwadar. This is indeed an attraction for all the tourists.

  • Princess of Hope:

Next attraction is the “Princess of Hope”. It is a carved rock that looks like a princess. It is located in the largest national park of Pakistan. This name was given to this rock due to its untouchable beauty.

People think that this rock is man made but the evidence from history show that it is the mud eruption of volcanoes.

  • Buzzi Pass:

Buzzi Pass is the connecting pass whose beauty has left every other beautiful scene behind.

It is not wrong to say that this pass is the actual reason to visit Gwadar. Buzzi Pass has beautiful and mesmerizing scenes to see on both sides. Once you step onto this pass, it feels like you have entered into a paradise. The water, the rocks, nature, the environment, it’s just beauty and nothing else.

Seriously you haven’t visited Gwadar yet? Then, you must be lacking the most important time of your life. Visit Gwadar to appreciate its beauty and thank me later.

  • Fri 15, March 2019