Bibi Pak Daman-The Mythical Shrine

Bibi Pak Daman-The Mythical Shrine
Bibi Pak Daman-The Mythical Shrine
Bibi Pak Daman-The Mythical Shrine
Bibi Pak Daman-The Mythical Shrine

It is a sad aspect of our society that women are not honored as much as they deserve. You might have heard a lot about the honorariums and shrines of male personalities. But, have you ever heard about this much importance for a female? Sadly not!

Today, our focus is to highlight the last resting place of one such lady who is honored more than any male and which will force you to think about the importance of female character in the society. Yes, I am talking about Bibi Pak Daman- daughter of our Prophet’s (PBUH) cousin.

Why is Bibi Pak Daman’s Shrine important?

What else can define the importance of Bibi Pak Daman’s shrine more than the fact that it is a prayer place of Shias, Sunnis, and Hindus also?

Myths related to the origin of Bibi Pak Daman:

Bibi Pak Daman in literal terms means “pure lady”. This name is given due to the pious character of this lady. It is famous that the daughter of Hazrat Imam(AS), Bibi Ruqaiyyah is buried here along with five other ladies. It is famous that these ladies move from Karbala to Lahore for protection. These women were very pardah observing but raja summoned the ladies. There was no place for them to get buried so the Earth opened up and they were buried observing pardah.

Ancient History:

It is believed that this shrine is so old that even Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh was a devotee.


The shrine is located in Lahore Mohallah Chahaal Bibian (unmarried sisters) and carries another myth. It is also famous that these six graves in the tomb are of Syed Tokhta’s daughters and they were trying to hide from Afghan invaders. They prayed for themselves to get buried without being caught by bad people. It was answered and they get buried alive.

The mysterious trees of Keekar and Waan in the Courtyard:

Just like the mysterious stories of six graves some other stories are also famous regarding old trees in the courtyard. Several devotees come to visit this magical tree. Magical? Yes, you heard right. It is famous that this tree has some extraordinary powers. If a female who is devoid of baby, eats its leaves, will be blessed by a baby soon. It attracts several female devotees.

Some banyan trees are of special importance to the Hindus and Buddhists. You can find them easily in the shrine. These trees were camels, which came along with these Bibis but no one knows about the credibility of this myth.

The Alm:

As you move rightwards from the graves, you can find and Alm (a sacred symbol of Shia's). The hand and flag symbolize Imam Hussain (RA) and Hazrat Ali Abbas (RA) who were the flag beares of Islam.

Common traditions:

The shrine is of great importance to both Shias and Sunnis. To make the traditions alive, an Urs is held every year where millions of devotees come to pay homage.

It is very common to see conflicts between Shias and Sunnis but at this place, you can see both of them sharing the same bond of love. They come to tie threads and pray for their lives.

The surroundings:

The streets surrounding the shrine are very narrow. A mesmerizing fragrance can be felt everywhere. Several flower stalls are always welcoming the visitors. As you enter the shrine you can see some old people reciting Holy verses.

The whole aura is worth the hype!!!!!

  • Fri 08, November 2019