Bahaud-din Zakariya Multani

Bahaud-din Zakariya Multani

Have you ever heard about the shrine of Bahaud-din Zakariya Multani? Well, if you ever ask this question from a Pakistani you will probably look insane. Why? Just because it is impossible that someone does not know about this place. There are many places in the world that hardly needs any introduction. The shrine of Bahaud-din Zakariya comes at the top of such places.

The importance of shrine:

You must be thinking now that what is the reason that has made this shrine so popular and why is Multan known for the shrine of Bahaud-din Zakariya, Isn’t it?

The answer is very simple. Hazrat Bahaud-din Zakariya did a lot of work for preaching about the teachings of Islam. He devoted his whole life for the betterment and success of other people. His Sufi philosophy worked like a sword and protection for the Muslims.

He together with his three Sufi mystic friends: Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Baba Farid Ganj Shakar and Hazrat Chishti, changed the perception of the whole Muslim world.

I think the hype is worth it!!!!


The history of Bahaud-din’s shrine is somewhat very interesting as it was built in 1262 even before his death. This is something really unusual which increases its importance. To increase your astonishment, another fact is that the shrine was built by the own money of this great Sufi leader.

Special care is carried out to maintain this shrine as it is a great monument of Pakistan.


The shrine lies in Multan on the Northern side of the old city, just next to a very famous Hindu temple.

The architecture of Mausoleum:

In ancient times, the shrines were built as a two-tiered structure. The prototype of Bahaud-din shrine was also the same. It is a 51 ft. 9-inch-wide square-shaped building. It has a white dome on the top that lights up in the night, increasing its beauty. Surrounding the mausoleum is a big courtyard of hundred square meters. It can accommodate hundreds of devotees at a time.

The blue tiles and red bricks used in its construction are so much inspiring that the typical architecture of Multan is known by these designs. A verandah made up of bricks and wooden ceilings is increasing the fascination of this place. The gigantic wooden doors at the start of the shrine are worth seeing. Tourists from all over the world come to see this immensely inspiring piece of art.

A small mosque just at the side of shrine completes the beautifying look of this famous shrine.

Famous rituals:

A special kind of dancing is affiliated with this shrine as a famous ritual. The devotees perform this with full zeal and zest. A special kind of langar (free food) is arranged by the administration for feeding the poor people, twice a day.

People from far-off places gather at the courtyard to pay homage to the great saint of Islam.

Some interesting facts:

It is famous about this shrine that some spiritual powers exist at this place. If you pray here, all your wishes will be fulfilled.

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  • Sat 02, November 2019