Sultan Bahoo Shrine-A Beacon of Light

Sultan Bahoo Shrine-A Beacon of Light
Sultan Bahoo Shrine-A Beacon of Light
Sultan Bahoo Shrine-A Beacon of Light
  • Thu 07, November 2019
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Has it ever happened to you that you entered somewhere and your tears start to shed off unintentionally? No, I am not kidding you at all! There exists such a miraculous place in Pakistan about which I am going to share today. That place is undoubtedly the last resting place of Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo. You must be curious to know more about this divine place. Aren’t you?

So, lets’ start to know more about this great spiritual man and his last resting place.

Who is Bahu?

It is very important to know who Bahu is? Although words cannot define this great personality but let me tell you that he was the most respectable and eminent saint of Muslim history. He attains the topmost rank among all Sufis and pious people. 

He was born in Shorkot in 1628 AD and was a descendant of Hazrat Ali (RA). Sultan Bahu belongs to the Awan tribe who found Sarwari's order. He was a born Hafiz and a strictly practicing Muslim. 

Where is Bahu’s Shrine?

Hazrat Sultan Bahu’s shrine is in a small village of Gar Maraja near river Chenab. 

The mausoleum-Beacon of light:

It is famous that Sultan Bahu’s shrine is a beacon of light to all devotees. This is because whoever goes there with pure heart, seeks righteousness. He can then see the answer to all his troubles in the dream for what he has gone. Praying there with full devotion can bring peace to your life.


The shrine is a masterpiece of art, depicting the true colours of Islam. It is visited by millions of devotees from all over the world.

Shrine of tears:

You must be thinking that why I am saying it “shrine of tears”? It is because whoever enters the territory of this shrine cannot come out without having tears in his/her eyes. And, it is unintentional. It is famous that you can have a feel of God in this shrine and you do not want to come out from his mausoleum.



To have a miracle is a very rare thing. But, there exist some people who are blessed with several miracles. Among them, one is Bahu. Some of his miracles are:

  1. It is famous that when Hazrat Sultan Bahoo was a kid his face was very radiant like the sun. It was very astonishing for non-believers. Once a Hindu came to see him and accepted Islam after getting impressed by his piousness reflected from the face. This incident stunned the whole Hindu tribe.
  2. Talking more, once he had a dream which people rarely see and that was attending the court of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Hazrat Ali (RA) took him to the court and hold his hand. He (RA) then handed him to Prophet (PBUH) who initiated him. Hazrat Bahu was then entrusted to Ghous-e-Azam. He narrates that this dream changed his life forever and was bestowed with a lot of blessings. His piousness is referred to this dream.
  3. Last but not least is for what he is known. Once a man came to seek financial help and Hazrat Bahu was plowing the fields. Seeing him busy, he was about to return when Hazrat Bahu called him. He went to urinate and give some pebbles to the needy and threw them on the fields. They turned to gold, the man picked and went happily.

After reading about all these miracles, you will want to visit this place at least once in your life.

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Sultan Bahoo Shrine-A Beacon of Light


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